How Free Music Downloads Work | Beatoven

How Free Music Downloads Work

Music is the perfect tool for changing negative moods or emotions and getting people into a positive state, one better for learning. However, you have to be careful music can also have the opposite effect on people. Music provides a crucial undercurrent of emotion. It affects us psychologically and can … Read More

Curated Royalty-Free Music Library | Beatoven

Curated Royalty-Free Music Library

What is curated royalty free music- Royalty-free music gives filmmakers,creators, videographers, and youtubers a license in which they pay one time and accumulate lifetime legal rights to the music. That is why you can use royalty free for your YouTube videos, movies or Instagram posts without having to worry about … Read More

Buy music without lyrics | Beatoven

Buy music without lyrics

Music without lyrics, or in simple words, background music, has become an important element for every video. They help in making your videos more interesting and can act as a hook for your audience. Moreover, background music assists in making sure that your videos become more memorable.  However, if you … Read More

How Does Music Copyright Work? | Beatoven

How Does Music Copyright Work

You must have seen the symbol ‘©’, or the word ‘copyright’, or the line ‘All rights reserved’, when you purchase music from a platform. But have you ever thought about what rights these words and symbols give to the copyright holder?  Well, a copyright protects the owner/creator of the music … Read More