Where can I find Free to download and royalty-free music ? | Beatoven

According to Unbounce, placing a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%! Moreover, 64% of the consumers are likely to make a purchase after watching branded social videos. All of these statistics point us towards the same thing – video marketing has become quite hype in recent times, and has to be a part of your marketing strategy in 2022! 

However, video marketing can only work wonders if your videos have music that captivates the audience. If you use copyrighted music without the prior approval of the copyright holder, your videos might get taken down because of copyright infringement. So, you only have two choices- get the approval of the copyright holder which is often a time consuming and expensive process, or, use free music from portals, such as Free Music Archive or FMA. 

How to find a Free Music Archive for video creation?

If you are looking to download free music that you could add to your videos, you must take a look at FMA. FMA or Free Music Archive was set up back in 2009 by the radio station WMFU, offering easy access to original music without any strings attached. Featuring thousands of songs that are curated by several netlabels, curators, and independent musicians, the Free Music Archive provides music under the Creative Commons License. In other words, it can be freely downloaded and used in someone else’s work. 

Hence, you can conveniently download and use the music from Free Music Archives in your short films, podcasts, or videos, without having to worry about copyright infringement and other legal problems! 

The right music in your videos can help you strike a chord with your audience and build a stronger connection with them. Thanks to its wide selection of free songs that extend across numerous genres (jazz, pop, country, and instrumental, to name a few), the FMA or Free Music Archives is also ideal for finding tunes for your videos. Functioning on a freemium model, you can easily download, share, and use the songs from Free Music Archive in your videos. 

How can music make your videos better?   

It’s no secret that music can touch our souls, and make the moving images appearing on the screen more riveting, more charming, and more romantic. Even some studies carried out by Neilsen found out that musical ads performed better than non-musical ads. If you are still not convinced how music can be useful in your videos, here are a few points that might change your mind: 

  1. It makes your message more memorable 

Do you remember the Hum Mein Hai Hero jingle from the Hero Moto Corp? Or the evergreen Washing Powder jingle from Nirma? The catchy music used in them has led to an increase in their brand visibility. 

  1. It can easily capture the attention 

Today, catching the attention of consumers is becoming more difficult than ever before, thanks to the dwindling attention span. However, if you use music in your videos, the chances of capturing the attention of your target audience increases in manifolds. 

  1. It portrays emotions clearly 

There is a direct link between music and emotions. Take silent movies as an example. Not a single word gets spoken, but we could figure out whether to feel happy or sad by listening to the music being played in the background. Hence, make sure to use music in your videos. 

Why is Beatoven the best tool for free music?       

If you are looking for a platform that offers quality royalty-free music with a better UI than Free Music Archive, you must take a look at Beatoven music. Featuring an intuitive AI that can help you create your very own soundtracks, now your videos could have the music of your choice. So don’t wait around any longer! Go to Beatoven and create a library of your very own royalty-free tunes!