Basic Guide To AI Music Generators

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) music generators are becoming more popular in the music industry. In this post, we will provide an introduction to AI music generators, explore the impact they may have on the future of music, and discuss how they can be used for various projects. An … Read More

Background Music for Hotels That Speaks Ambiance


STORYTIME! “A couple of guests walk into your hotel, and as they start walking towards their suites, they listen to and enjoy the background track playing in the hallway. Two days later, they left for home, happy and satisfied. But the tale doesn’t end here. A few weeks pass by, … Read More

Busting Common Royalty-Free Music Myths


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Finding Out Whether A Song is Copyrighted!


Finding a suitable song for your YouTube video can be difficult. But what’s more difficult is making sure you are not violating any copyrights while using that song. The world wide web is brimming with high-quality, copyrighted songs that attract other creators but should not be used without permission. In … Read More