Create unique royalty free music that elevates your story uses advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast

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How it works

Compose unique music for your content in a few easy steps

Pick a Genre/Style

1. Pick a Genre/Style

Upload a video/podcast or start with a track, choose from 8 different Genres to suit your theme.

Make some cuts

2. Make some cuts

We know that the mood of the content changes over time. That’s why you can make multiple cuts to add different moods.

Change Mood

3. Change Mood

Now, choose from a rich selection of 16 moods to choose the correct mood for the cuts.


4. Compose

Hit compose and let our AI do all the hard work of composing a unique track for you.

Use cases

Great for a variety of video and podcast creators

Find the tune that carries your story

Create unique royalty-free music that matches the various moods of your content.

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Sample Music

Unique Music for every theme and mood.

Rise of the starsRise of the stars

Rise of the stars


Morning RagaMorning Raga

Morning Raga


Bohemian sunriseBohemian sunrise

Bohemian sunrise






See what our happy users are saying.

Ashish Dhakre

“It's a great product, we would love to keep using and help the team make it the best music tech product in any way that we can.”

Ashish Dhakre

Youtuber, LearnAur


“It’s a really fun product, I’ve always been curious how an AI would compose music and finally, it’s a reality through”


Video Editor

Devansh Doshi

“This is an exciting interface and a very ambitious product.”

Devansh Doshi

Ad Agency Owner

Krishna Devate

“Biggest advantage is Indian tracks.”

Krishna Devate

CEO Hustler & Monk Productions


Got a question? we are here to answer.

What are the licensing terms for the music?

The users will be granted a perpetual license for usage of the soundtracks on their choice of use case. All copyrights for the musical works created on Beatoven belong to the company.

Do I always need to upload a video?

Can I use this music for social media?

Can I use this music for advertisements?

Do I have to pay any royalties for the music?

What is the maximum duration of a track that this tool can support?

What happens when I hit compose?

Does Beatoven use the details in the video?

Can this tool support if I have a voiceover in my video?

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Unique music

Our AI combines advanced music theory and production concepts to deliver unique music.

Unlimited Customization

Customize the length, genre, mood and instruments to create your music tracks.

Streamlined Output

Production-ready music with industry standard mixing and mastering.

Create unique royalty-free music that fits your story with We use advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast.

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