Why Beatoven is the best place to find free background music for your video? | Beatoven

The best way to reach people nowadays is through videos. Now the visuals add focus to the video however, the background music makes your content engaging. It can either be a music track playing in the background or can be background sounds that are synced with the visuals being displayed on the screen. Even though background music is underrated however, it is the most essential composition of the production process. Even when you see silent videos, people might not be talking however, there is always background music added to it for it to make sense to the audience. 

The background music sets the emotion of the particular scene. If it’s a romantic scene, then subtle and soft melodies or a suspense scene which is usually combined with high tempo background music. Also, the background music allows the audience to engage with your content given that audiences these days are very sensitive to audio cues. 


How to add background music to your videos-

Here’s a step by step guide as to how to add documentary background music to a video- 

Step 1-  The first and the most basic step is to open your project (the video you want to work on) in your preferred video editing app. 

Step 2- Then choose the background music you want to add to your project. Click on import media and import that audio file to your project. The import option is usually found under the file tab. 

Step 3- The next step is to add that background music to your project. Click and drag it below the project file. 

Step 4- You can adjust the background music by pressing the right-click button where the audio effects tab will appear. You can also click on the music which will appear in a waveform to adjust the length by dragging the arrow left or right at the end of the clip. 

Why Beatoven is the best place to add background music from-

Beatoven gives you access to the best royalty-free background music for your videos just at your fingertips. It firmly believes in empowering content- creators with creative tools for easy accessibility for their royalty-free background music. The AI is much simplified and user-friendly. It doesn’t delve deeply into the technicalities and concepts of music, rather focuses more on what is needed to elevate your content. The software personalities the music as per the mood you want to showcase in your video to maximize engagement. You can also choose from 5 genres and 16 different moods and customize accordingly. On subscribing to Beatoven you get Beatcoins- it’s very own digital currency that you can use to download tracks. Beethoven has recently launched it’s Beta version to which you can subscribe and get free Beatcoins!