Free Music for Video Editing: Find Background Music for Your Videos | Beatoven

Finding free music for video editing purposes can become challenging as you can’t simply add copyright music to your videos. However, with the right platform by your side, you won’t have to worry about it! But first, let’s talk a little about the importance of adding music to your videos as there are a lot of people who think videos without background music work! 

First things first, by adding background music to your videos, you have a chance of capturing your audience’s attention quickly within a few seconds. Moreover, music can also help ensure that your video is more memorable because if your music is catchy, your audience would catch on to it immediately! Apart from these benefits, it also helps in getting higher engagement. 

Now, the right platform for downloading background music for your videos could be Beatoven music. Why? Well, here are the benefits of using Beatoven music: 

  1. It enables you to create your own music 

Beatoven music is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It takes your requirements into account and creates such music that would be ideal for your video! 

  1. Wide selection of moods and genres to choose from 

Featuring a total of 16 moods and 5 genres, including an Indian music genre, Beatoven music makes sure that you are able to create music of your choice. 

  1. Free to use 

Beatoven music is completely free to use and would not charge a dime for its services. This makes it perfect for amateur filmmakers and students, who don’t have enough money to use copyright music.  

Since we already know the benefits of using this platform, let’s talk about its process. 

Process of using Beatoven  

The process of using Beatoven music is pretty simple. It includes a total of 5 steps that are as follows: 

Step One: Uploading your video 

The first step for creating music on Beatoven is uploading your video on its interface. Once you have successfully uploaded your clip, you can move on to the next step! 

Step Two: Selecting sections in your video 

The second step is marking your edits on the clip. As soon as you complete this second step, its AI software will start to work its magic, and you will jump on to the third step. 

Step Three: Shortlisting and selecting emotions and genres 

The third step would involve selecting emotions and genres from its library. Beatoven music boasts a total of 16 moods and 5 genres (including an Indian genre). This would help in giving your music life! 

Step Four: Let AI do the heavy lifting 

Once you have completed the above three steps successfully, sit back and relax, and let AI do its work. 

Step Five: Proceed to download your free music 

In the fifth step, you can finally listen to and download the masterpiece that has been produced using industry-standard AI mixing and mastering.  

To Conclude: 

If you are looking for ways to add music to your videos that won’t invite copyright infringement issues, then Beatoven music is the one-stop solution for you! Helping budding content creators to produce professional music, the platform is a great way for finding background music for your videos.