What do Indian musicians need to know about copyright laws? | Beatoven

At a time when the Indian music industry is constantly releasing remakes and remixes of classical old tunes, the melophiles of our country are simply yearning for something original. But creating and publishing authentic Indian music is more than just fixing up the right mix of melody, rhythm, and sound!   

The real heavy lifting comes when you have to prevent your creation from being widely pirated or plagiarized. To ensure your tunes legally remain yours, you must copyright them as soon as possible. Here is a comprehensive music copyright guide for Indian musicians

How can artists copyright their music and composition? 

Here is the five-step process of copyrighting music in India: 

  1. Filing of application 

To get started, you would first have to file an online application through the portal of a copyright attorney. Once the details of the copyright have been correctly filed in an appropriate form along with the prescribed fees, a diary number will get allotted to you. 

  1. Formality check 

After you have successfully filed the online copyright application, a formality check will be performed to make sure that the crucial requirement of 2 copies of the work is fulfilled. In case the application is accepted, you will move on to the next step. 

  1. Standby period

The formality check phase would be followed by a standby period of 30 days. Within this period, any person can raise an objection who claims to have an interest in the copyright subject. In the event of no objection, the application would move ahead to the next step. 

  1. Hearing

This step is relevant for only those applications that receive an objection. Under the fourth step, a letter would be issued to both the concerned parties and a hearing would be arranged at the registrar. In case the application gets accepted, it would get scrutinized by the examiner. 

  1. Registration granted 

In the final step, the registrar would review the application. If satisfied with the details, the application would be given the go-ahead, and the extracts would be communicated to the applicant. 

How can you register your own music for a copyright? 

In India, the copyright of music can be obtained through the provisions listed in the Copyright Act of 1957. To get your music copyrighted, you would first have to fill a Form XIV, the application form for copyright registration. Along with this form, you would also have to submit several documents, including a NOC from all the people that have contributed to the creation of your music (composers, lyricists, or others). 

After you submit the above-mentioned documents and forms to the Indian Government’s Copyright website, you will have to wait for several days for the application to go through the various steps. If every criterion is met, your music would finally get copyrighted! 

Copyright laws of India

We already know that unlike free music, copyrighted music cannot be ripped off, copied, or even used without the prior permission of the owner. However, there is a sleek way around this problem! Copyright music, which is available on public domains, can be used by anyone and everyone without inviting any legal troubles. Hence, copyrighted music for Indians can be accessed through public domains! 

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