How do I find Best Royalty Free Music? | Beatoven

How do I find Best Royalty Free Music

As more and more content creators and Youtubers have gained knowledge about royalty free music, there have also been many websites and applications that claim to feature the best royalty free music for content creators. However, such wide availability may make it a little confusing especially for beginners to decide … Read More

Making of Copyright or Royalty free music! | Beatoven

Making of copyright or royalty free music

When you are making a video on YouTube or editing a post for your social media by using some background music, the use of copyrighted music without seeking permission from the rightful owner may put you into legal trouble. This is why new content creators are very skeptical about which … Read More

Advantages of Royalty Free Music | Beatoven

Advantages of Royalty Free Music

What is royalty free music? Many people think that royalty free music is free of cost but we’d like to bust this myth. Despite its name, royalty free music isn’t absolutely free but actually ends up proving a more economic and cost-efficient choice in the long run.  The term might … Read More

4 best uses of sound effects in filmmaking history | Beatoven

4 best uses of sound effects in filmmaking history

A movie blockbuster, commercial television commercial and narrative video have one thing in common – they all have sound effects to lay emphasis and emote effectively. An audio or a sound effect is an artificially created, enhanced sound that emphasizes artistic or other content of the films. Sound effects are … Read More

How do soundtracks define a film’s genre? | Beatoven

How do soundtracks define a film's genre

When a film is hugely successful, i.e. a ‘blockbuster’, it is just as likely that the film’s soundtrack will also be equally popular. This is no coincidence and we can cite some legendary examples of this. For example, everyone recalls the songs of the Sound of Music just as easily … Read More