How to Find the Right Stock Music Library? | Beatoven

Music can either make or break your video. Since it plays a vital role in your video, you must ensure that the track you use hits the perfect chords. While adding music is easy, choosing and downloading the ideal music type is challenging. If you are trying to find the ideal track, you must consider using a stock music library. 

However, you must be thinking about what stock music means, what are its types, why do you need it, and how to find it. To help you find the answers to all of these questions, here is a complete overview of stock music: 

What is stock music? 

Stock music, also known as library music or archive music, refers to a type of music that has been recorded and can be bought as a part of a large music library. This category of music is generally not created with a specific use in mind. In other words, it can be used in any project, including video games, films, advertisements, and corporate productions. 

Now, since we know the meaning of stock music, let us move on to the types of stock music. 

What are the types of stock music? 

Whenever we talk about stock music, we refer to royalty-free and licensed stock music. 

  1. Licensed stock music 

Licensed stock music has limited uses, and its cost changes according to its uses. Its cost depends upon a series of factors, including the type of project it is being used for (a video game, a TV program, or a YouTube video), the distribution channel (internet or TV), and the size of the company that is using the licensed music (less than 50 employees or more than 100 employees). 

Since the use of licensed stock music involved a lot of variables, the need for royalty-free music arose.   

  1. Royalty-free stock music 

Unlike licensed stock music, royalty-free stock music has no limitations on its use. It can be used as many times as you want and as long as you want. All you have to do to access them is pay a one-time fee. That’s it! This is the reason why royalty-free stock music is preferred by budding music video creators. They can use royalty-free background music for videos without burning a hole in their pocket! 

After finding out its meaning and types, let us talk about why you need a stock music library. 

Why do you need a stock music library? 

A stock music library is a place where you can find thousands of stock music tracks at one destination. Since it gives you plenty of options on a single platform, you could conveniently find the soundtrack that matches your needs. With a stock music library, you won’t have to scour through hundreds of websites that offer stock music. Simply access the library, choose the genre, finalize a track, and that’s all! 

How to find the right stock music library? 

Finding the right stock music library means you will have to compare different platforms. The factors you’ll have to consider while comparing different websites are their experience in the music industry and their trustworthiness. However, there is a platform that meets these criteria, and that is Beatoven music, a place that has a huge collection of royalty-free music for videos.

Find Your Stock Media Hub in Beatoven 

If you are trying to find a hub that offers royalty-free music or free-to-download background music, you must take a look at Beatoven. It has hundreds of royalty-free background music tracks listed on its stock music library. Moreover, since it leverages cutting-edge AI, it also enables you to create your own soundtracks. 

From royalty-free music for YouTube videos to soundtracks for Instagram, Beatoven delivers holistic solutions! So, be it royalty-free music download or copyright-free music download, Beatoven is the only platform you’ll ever need for all of your music needs.