How to Create a Killer Podcast Intro Using Background Music? | Beatoven

Podcasting has become a marketing rage over the past few years. Why? Well, people from across the globe are shifting from reading content to listening content, and the leading marketers are banking on this opportunity. So, if you are planning to start your very own podcasting project, you must launch it as soon as possible! 

However, with over 2 million active podcasts, you will have to differentiate your podcast from others. This can be done by creating a killer podcast intro that has decent background music and script. If you are thinking about whether background music is important for your podcast or not and how to make a stunning podcast intro, you have come to the right place as we are going to cover each question comprehensively. So, here we go! 

Why is background music so important? 

Using background music in your podcast is important for several reasons. Here are a few of them:  

  • Helps in transition 

If you take a look at radio stations, they always use a background tune when they are about to start. This is because background music helps in transition. Similarly, if you use background music in your podcast, you will be seamlessly able to transition from one segment to another. For instance, at the beginning of the podcast, shifting from one question to another, and towards the end.  

  • Sets the tone 

The background music also helps in setting a tone at the beginning of the podcast. It would amplify the message you are trying to send across and make your podcast more memorable. However, you will have to pick a track that best suits the persona of your target audience. For example, if your podcast is based around mystery, you could use a track that evokes curiosity. Similarly, if your podcast is light-hearted and comedic, you could use a track that elicits positivity and happiness. 

  • Build brand recognition 

Music always helps in building brand recognition. Think about any of your favorite TV shows or morning radio talk, odds are that you will associate them with their tone that might be in the form of an intro, outro, or transitional song. Hence, if you incorporate a background track at the beginning of your podcast, you could gradually begin to build recognition around your brand. 

Now, let us talk about how to create a killer podcast intro: 

  • Keep your script short 

When it comes to writing a script for your podcast intro, you have to ensure that it is short, crisp, and sweet. Long intros are often a turndown for listeners and might result in lower engagement rates. A short intro must include your show’s name, tagline, and the host’s name, and all of these should be backed by appropriate background music. So, the intro script should be short and not more than 15 seconds. 

  • Put your call to action at the end 

Do you have your own line of merchandise? Then you might be incited to throw that info at the very beginning of the podcast. However, doing this can be disastrous for your podcast because your users don’t want commercial information before you have given them some value to them. Thus, it is recommended to put your call to action towards the end of your podcast. 

  • Try changing your intro 

You can’t just choose any intro music and set that as your permanent one. Why? Well, some might resonate more with your target audience, and some might not. To find the best one, you’ll have to shortlist a number of intro music tracks and finalize one using the hit and trial method. When you keep changing the intro and observe which sat well with your target audience, you’ll be able to pick the best one! 

  • Be picky about the music 

Earlier, we talked about in detail how music helps in setting the tone of your entire podcast. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose an intro track that matches the genre of your podcast. For instance, if your podcast is all about self-help, you must incline towards music that evokes positivity, happiness, and hope in your audience. It would act as a hook and keep your audience engaged! 

  • Keep it legal 

While using music is important in podcasts, it doesn’t mean you can use any music available on the web! This is because if you use copyrighted music in your podcasts without any prior permission, you could land yourself in legal trouble. So, when you are looking for music, make sure that the one you pick is copyright-free music. Plus, ensure that you choose only royalty-free music for podcasts. This is because royalty-free background tracks only involve a nominal one-time fee, and after that, you can use them legally as many times as you want! 

  • Have a consistent pattern 

Consistency in your intro is important because it will help in leaving an imprint on your audience’s minds. For instance, if your intro pattern from day one has been music, podcast, name, host name, welcome message, and content, you must maintain it across every episode. When your intro remains the same, your audience will feel comfortable, making your podcast more memorable. 

  • Have your brand ready  

Before you even start creating your podcast intro, you must be sure about the theme of your podcast and the brand message you are trying to send across. If you are not sure about it, don’t start publishing. This is because if you are confused, your audience will feel unsure about you. Hence, it is crucial that you have your brand ready before making the podcast intro.  

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