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The craze of podcasting has reached the shores of YouTube, and today, podcast videos are trending on the video-sharing platform! As more and more brands and influencers are launching their podcast videos, creating a differentiation has become crucial. 

So, the question is how to make a distinction? One of the best ways of making your video podcast different from others is by adding background music for videos. It will make your content better than your competitors, and for the audience, it means a better experience. 

In case you are still not convinced about adding music to your podcast video, here are a few benefits that prove it is beneficial. 

Why is music so important in podcast videos? 

While there are several benefits of adding music to your podcast video, here are a few of the top ones: 

  1. Helps in adding entertainment value 

Any podcast without music is boring. If you add a background track to your podcast, it will help in keeping your audience engaged throughout the length of the video. Thus, we can say that background music in the starting, in between segments, and at the ending will help in making your content more entertaining. 

  1. Smoother transitions 

You can’t just start your podcast immediately within the first few seconds. Similarly, you can’t switch in between segments without any transition and end the podcast out of the blue. All of these make your podcast video abrupt. However, if you use background tracks in your podcasts, you can leverage their tunes for smoother transitions. 

  1. Creates brand recognition 

Music always helps in creating brand recognition, and a lot of brands have used the same strategy. When you use a background track in your podcast, your audience will start associating that tone with your brand. Hence, be very wise in choosing a background track and ensure that its tunes are catchy.    

Now, let’s talk about some tips that will help you in picking the best music intros for your podcast! 

Tips for choosing the best music opener for your podcast episode or series 

  1. Match the music to the content of your podcast or brand strategically 

By adding background music, you will be able to create a tone for your entire podcast. The right music can make your audience feel happy, motivated, or contemplative, depending upon your genre. But make it a point that the music you choose sits well with your content. For instance, if your podcast is about self-love, you can’t use music that is dark or sad. You will have to use tunes that evoke happiness and motivation. In short, you must strategically match the music according to your content. 

  1. Edit with utmost care 

Editing will play a crucial role in creating catchy intro music. To make a refined intro for your podcast, make sure that the music fits perfectly into your planned length (it is recommended to not exceed the limit of 15 seconds). Plus, if you are speaking over the intro music, make it a point that you don’t make it too loud. 

  1. Keep it short to get your listeners excited 

We mentioned in the point above that it is recommended to not exceed the time limit of 15 seconds when it comes to creating intro music for your podcast. This is because your audience’s attention span will be very limited, and making them wait is not ideal. Though 15 seconds will be in the perfect zone, you can extend it to a maximum length of 30 seconds.   

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