Don’t make these common mistakes in your Podcast videos | Beatoven

Whether you’ve just started a show or been podcasting for a while, podcasting can often feel like ice-skating over a frozen pond. Even if you’re pretty positive about the things that are solidly in place, but one weak spot and things can get unpredictable. Podcasting with that sense of uneasiness won’t exactly have you sailing along like one of the Mighty Ducks. Beatoven wants you to approach the mic with confidence! 

 If you are thinking of starting a podcast, here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  1. Spending too much money

You do not need a bunch of fancy instruments to start a podcast. Trust me. Start recording with a minimum viable product. Do not sink a bunch of money into something you aren’t sure would work. Spend money on the things like intro and outro music, as sound balances the episode. You can do it by yourself or search for a resourceful music video creator

to get it done to make your platform enticing and which makes you feel well worth it. 

  1.   Can Use Any Music As Long As I Don’t Make Money

If you are supporting a good cause or not monetising your podcasts you still need to  ask  artists first. It does not always mean the copyright owner is automatically going to share your passion. However several artists could also be willing to offer you royalty-free music for podcasts or better licensing or even a free license for non-commercial or non-profit use.

  1. Not prioritizing high-quality sound. 

People will tell you that you can start a podcast with just your phone, and whereas that may technically be true, more people than ever are listening to podcasts and that they expect a professional-sounding. For instance, to put it simply, if you turned on your television and the picture was fuzzy, you’re likely to change the channel. The sound quality of your podcast is enough to form or break how long people are willing to tune in and we want those listeners sticking around for the long haul. The good news is, maintaining clean and clear sound quality doesn’t have to break the bank. 

  1. Inconsistency

Speaking of Endurance, every list in the known universe of “things successful podcasters do” will say this: you have to be consistent in terms of your podcast frequency. If you are running a weekly podcast and go five weeks without dropping an episode, your audience will notice, and stray. Plus, new individuals looking at yours will see that it’s lapsed and may not take you seriously.

5 . Not outsourcing time-consuming tasks

I recommend taking up on all components of the podcasting process yourself, in the beginning.It’s vital to grasp what it takes to produce your podcast inside and out. However once you’re committed to establishing a professional level podcast, the time-consuming stuff should be outsourced. Don’t worry, there are professionals you can hire at every price level – stick around and we’ll share some of our favorites royalty free sound effects.

 As your podcast grows, you’re going to need the time and energy for different tasks.

  1. Spending too much time editing and not enough time promoting. 

Mark these words: Podcasters should be spending equal or more of their time promoting and sharing their podcast with the world, as the time spent producing it. We all tend to wish our podcasts to be of high quality, but if you spend for all of your bandwidth producing and none on marketing efforts, your potential audience won’t get the chance to appreciate your hard work. Between your newsletter, social media, or even partnering with another podcast to swap promos, there are numerous opportunities to get your podcast out there and you gotta prioritize it.