Busting Common Royalty-Free Music Myths

Creators starting their journey on social media can often find themselves stranded in a pool of attractive music tracks, looking for quality music they can use in their content without the fear of receiving copyright claims.

But is that easy? Or is that too hard?

Well, the answer depends on perception. While many websites offer royalty-free music, certain free music myths can hold back new creators from turning to them.

We can call it “fear of the unknown,” or “lack of awareness.”

For both cases, this blog will discuss six common royalty-free music myths, hoping to clear the air for new creators. So, let’s start by learning about different types of music licenses.

Table of Content

  • Types of Music Licenses
  • 6 Common Myths About Royalty-free Music
  • Find Customizable, High-Quality, Royalty-Free Music on Beatoven
  • Conclusion
  • Types of Music Licenses

    Before we morph into the “Myth-buster” mode, let’s take a moment to learn more about music licensing. This will help us judge better and form an informed decision.

    Public Domain Music

    Public domain music is music that anyone can use freely for any purpose. The tracks which’s license information does not exist lie in the “public domain.’

    A few things to note about public domain music:

    • Anyone on the planet can use any music piece lying in the public domain. Thus, it may not be unique.
    • There’s only a limited number of public domain tracks that are available to use. It can be tricky to find public domain music that suits your taste.Most of the public domain tracks were either made before 1923 or are declared free to use by their publishers.

    Creative Commons License

    This license allows creators to use a track after certain modifications. Users can either make changes to the existing track or reproduce a different version of it.

    Many DJs and music producers prefer using samples, loops, and tracks with a creative commons license. However, these sounds can also help creators make their content musical – of course, after certain modifications.

    Royalty-Free License

    This is the type of music license that creators can acquire by making a one-time payment. After this, they can use the purchased piece for as long as they desire.

    Purchasing a royalty-free license makes creators immune to any copyright claims. However, certain myths revolve around this type of license, and in this blog, we’ll bust them.

    Apart from that, most creators prefer using royalty-free music in their videos, and this is the most suitable type of music for such content.

    6 Common Myths About Royalty-free Music

    Here are six common royalty-free music myths that need to be busted.

    1. Royalty-free music compromises quality

    While there used to be times when this could have been true, royalty-free music has come a long way from that.

    Many websites publishing royalty-free music earlier used to allow publishers to share their music as per their preferences. This often resulted in poor-quality tracks. However, the standards have gone way up now.

    Royalty-free music websites and tools such as Beatoven allow users to create and/or download high-quality music at affordable rates.

    2. Royalty-free music is not musical enough

    Another myth that can discourage creators from finding royalty-free music is that the tracks in the royalty-free domain are not musical enough.

    And this isn’t true either.

    The royalty-free music domain has an enormous number of tracks from all genres spread across myriads of royalty-free music websites.

    Also, if and when creators are unable to find a track suiting their preference, Beatoven can help. Refer to the last section for details.

    3. Royalty-free and copyright-free are the same things

    This is a huge misconception that creators may often have.

    Also, every piece of music present in the world has some copyright clauses or lies in the public domain. Hence, it’s not technically correct to use the term copyright-free.

    On the other hand, royalty-free music is music that can be used by the creator(s), acquiring its usage rights. However, the core rights of the piece will still remain with the publisher, distributor or producer.

    4. Royalty-free music is super expensive

    While royalty-free music comes at a certain premium, it isn’t always expensive. However, most of the time, the amount of money you spend on a track may depend on its length and the customizations you request.

    And such concerns can also be overcome with tools such as Beatoven.

    On Beatoven, you get 15 minutes of free royalty-free music every month. Plus, you can get other premium benefits for as low as $20 per month. Check out Beatoven’s pricing details here.

    5. The tracks will be used by tons of other people

    This could be true in some cases. However, it’s easy to prevent this.

    If you want your track to be unique and keep other people from using it in their content, Beatoven is the place to scan.

    Beatoven allows users to create unique, royalty-free music pieces suited to their taste, preferred genre and tempo, along with many other customization options.

    6. Canceling your subscription will attract copyright claims

    This is a common fear that can drive away people planning to buy royalty-free music. While this may be true for some websites, when you purchase royalty-free music from Beatoven, you don’t have to deal with such concerns.

    Whether your subscription is going on or has expired, we got your back.

    Find Customizable, High-Quality, Royalty-Free Music on Beatoven

    Wondering where to find high-quality royalty-free music suited to your taste? Beatoven can be the solution to your problems.

    Whether you are looking to improve your podcasts or trying to build tension for a serious scene in your movie, Beatoven gives you a free hand for picking the mood, tempo, and genre for your music before composing it in around 10 seconds.

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    In the present age, copyright infringement is a huge concern for artists across all domains. Also, it is easily detectable and a punishable offense. Royalty-free music solves this problem to an extent. However, there are certain myths about royalty-free music that may mislead creators. In this blog, we targeted such common myths and busted them.

    Hopefully, this was helpful.