Background Music for Hotels That Speaks Ambiance


“A couple of guests walk into your hotel, and as they start walking towards their suites, they listen to and enjoy the background track playing in the hallway.

Two days later, they left for home, happy and satisfied. But the tale doesn’t end here.

A few weeks pass by, and in a music playlist, they hear that track again, so flashbacks from your hotel hallway take over.”

Yes, this situation is imaginary but not impractical.

Studies report that music influences our memory and can help improve our mood. Thus, playing suitable background music in your hotel can help elevate the guest experience, and this post discusses that in detail.

So, attent your ears, and let’s get started.

Table of Content

  • Why Does Hotel Background Music Matter?
  • 5 Tips To Remember While Making A Hotel Music Playlist
  • Different Types and Genres of Music for Hotels
  • Remember Music Licensing
  • Find High-Quality Background Music Tracks For Your Hotel on Beatoven
  • Conclusion
  • Why Does Hotel Background Music Matter?

    For centuries, music has played a huge role in expressing, embracing, and elevating human emotions. From finding mentions in the ancient Vedas to entertaining crowds in the present day, music crosses myriads of man-made borders.

    Playing the right music in your hotel may positively influence your guests. It can help them ease into their breakfast or morning coffee or make waiting enjoyable. Good background music in your hotel lobby can uplift the ambiance experience as guests walk toward their rooms.

    Additionally, energetic music in the gym can encourage your guests to a dedicated workout session, and soothing music in the evening can calm the stresses cluttered throughout the day.

    5 Tips To Remember While Making A Hotel Music Playlist

    Finding background music for hotels can be tricky, but what’s trickier is to make the right choice. Here are a few tips that can help you pick the most suitable background music tracks to play at your hotel:

    1. Connect to your Crowd

    The background music for your hotel should resonate with your guests. The music for a luxury-line hotel may have to be different from that for a hostel or motel facility.

    If most of your guests are young, it’s advisable to pick an upbeat music genre. Reggae, rock, or timeless pop classics may be your true friend here. However, for an older crowd, you may want to explore other genres, such as classical or jazz.

    2. Sync with the Circadian Rhythm

    The emotions we feel at night may be poles apart from what we felt in the morning. The same holds for our hotel guests. To offer your guests an impeccable hospitality experience, you can try syncing background music with their emotions at different times of the day.

    Here are some genre suggestions to play at different times of the day:

    • Soft background music for breakfast hour
    • Upbeat tracks for early-afternoon
    • High-energy music for the afternoon
    • Relaxing and soothing music tracks for the evening

    3. Attention to Language!

    As your hotel will receive guests across all age groups, you may want to ensure that the songs you play in the background don’t use vulgar language. Playing songs with coarse language may be offensive and disrespectful to adults and children. Also, this may go against your hotel’s morals and dignity.

    4. Organize and Track Everything

    Apart from finding the right background music for your hotel, it’s also important to categorize it efficiently. If the entire playlist is spread across folders, playing tracks at the right time of the day may become challenging.

    Keep your playlists organized and track the music pieces to play at different times of the day.

    5. Keep Expanding Your Playlist

    Looping the same 20-30 tracks each day may get boring after a point in time. To avoid this, it’s advisable to expand your hotel playlist continually and divide it into multiple smaller playlists that you can play on alternate days.

    Apart from that, playing music according to events throughout the year can attract and entertain guests on a more personal level.

    For example, your hotel’s playlist on Christmas Eve should be different from that on Valentine’s or New Year’s day.

    Also, Note: No background music is not an option. Playing the right kind of music in your hotel can help fill awkward silences, keep your guests engaged and entertained, and elevate the experience your hotel is offering them. Without music, the ambiance may come off as bland and noisy.

    Different Types and Genres of Music for Hotels

    To make the selection even easier, here’s a list of music genres most suited for hotels.

    1. Jazz

    Jazz is a classical music genre that can be heard in hotels across the globe. Mostly, jazz music is soft and soothing and can evoke refreshing and calming emotions while getting the listener hooked at the same time.

    2. Lounge Hotel Music

    Lounge hotel music usually has a danceable rhythm, which can also be a treat to the ears. As your guests enjoy their time in the cafeteria or lobby, a lounge hotel track may kindle joy in the atmosphere.

    3. Reggae

    Think of reggae as the type of music you’d play early on a lazy afternoon when most of your guests are out exploring the city while others are sitting in your restaurant, waiting for lunch with their friends, family, or fraternity.

    4. Bossa Nova

    Bossa nova defines tracks with a tint of jazz coupled with samba. Most of the bossa nova tracks sound warm and may offer a welcoming feeling, perfect for comforting guests in your hotel lobby and hallways.

    5. Instrumental Tracks

    Instrumental music can be extremely soothing and satisfying to listen to. Most of the instrumental tracks suited for hotels are based on acoustic or classical guitar, sitar, piano, or violin.

    Depending on the theme and time of the day, you can choose the most suitable instrumental tracks for your hotel.

    6. Environmental Music

    This genre is most suited for hotels that follow and promote green practices. Playing soothing environmental music in the background will send out the right message and will also be soothing to your guests.

    Remember Music Licensing

    Oftentimes, we come across tracks that precisely express the emotion we are trying to convey. However, before using those tracks as background music in your hotel, it’s crucial to ensure their licensing policies do not restrict such usage.

    There are three types of music licenses that managers should check for before playing any background music in their hotel(s).

    1. Royalty-free Music

    Playing royalty-free music in your hotels is one of the most preferable and safest options. A royalty-free license allows users to copy and reuse a music track as per their desire. However, its core rights will belong to the publisher.

    For ease of access, here’s a list of websites offering royalty-free music

    2. Music with Creative Commons License

    A creative commons license allows other users to use a music track after certain modifications. If your hotel administration has a music production team, you can choose to modify and use music licensed under creative commons.

    3. Public Domain Music

    Music tracks which’s copyrights do not belong to any individual artist or label fall in the public domain. You can freely play these tracks in your hotel lobby, elevator, or any other space of your preference.

    To check if a background track lies in the public domain, you can visit PD INFO.

    Find High-Quality Background Music Tracks For Your Hotel on Beatoven

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    When looking for music for hotels, it’s crucial to remember that no best background music is equally suitable for every hotel. Instead, the tracks you pick must resonate with your hotel’s vibe, environment, and the experience you are trying to offer your guests.

    In this blog, we discussed a few important pointers that can help you build a background music collection for your hotel.

    To help you build fresh tracks for your hotel, Beatoven will be by your side.