What You Need To Know About YouTube Background Music And Copyright Law | Beatoven

Adding background music into your vacation video gives a some sort of polish and professionalism to the end result. Music will help you enhance the emotions in your video and will also make the video more enjoyable for your viewers.

Imagine adding inspiring music to the gorgeous panorama from the top of a mountain or uplifting music to the scenes of your family hiking in the Yosemite wilderness, or joyful music to the scenes of your kids enjoying playing games and scarfing s’mores!

Sounds amazing, right? It sure is, as long as you choose the suitable music. You may already be planning to add a bouncy Katy Perry song to your video or a beautiful Enya melody to your best nature scenes, but we’re going to stop you right there.

There is s a little thing called copyright law, which means you can’t use someone else’s artwork — including their music — without their permission. There are a few specific exceptions to these rules, but your vacation video probably is not one of them.

We already know what you’re thinking. It is a vacation video! Only your parents and your aunt’s friends are going to see it, so who is going to know or care if you use Katy Perry’s music?

YouTube can recognize. Specifically, YouTube is extremely accurate and robust Content ID algorithm will know. YouTube’s Content ID continuously scans all the videos on YouTube, finding out for uses of copyrighted video and music.

Using a database of over 75 million reference files, it is incredibly good at tracking down copyright infringement. This is even true if you inadvertently record copyrighted music in the background of your video.

For example, if you post a video of your family singing Katy Perry’s latest hit on the car ride over to Yosemite, this still counts as copyright infringement.

To be more clear, Content ID does not care if your video has one hundred views or one million views. If you use a copyrighted song, it will catch you. When it does, the owner of the copyright can choose to monitor your video, block your video, or collect any ad revenue your video generates.

Additionally, YouTube has a secondary system that enables copyright holders to directly flag videos that use their materials. If this happens, your video will be pulled down, and you may get a “strike,” which will mean you have to complete YouTube’s copyright school before you can post any new videos.

All this sums up royalty free music is more worth it to use than copyrighted music in your vacation videos, especially when there is so much great royalty free music available through background music websites.

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