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Movies, Music, and Emotion

Anyone who has watched a movie with sound and then without it knows the incredible difference music and sound effects make. The right royalty free beats can enhance your sense of place and time, emphasize emotions and character journeys, and add excitement to adventure scenes. You can probably call to mind the main musical themes of your favorite movies — whether they are light adventures like Star Wars or historical epics like Lawrence of Arabia.

The experience of royalty free music is subjective, but the majority of the people respond in the same way to great musical moments. We might all be thrown if an emotional moment in a film were undermined by an inappropriate selection of music. Think about your favorite show, and the way music sets its tone from the outset. By contrast, Game of Thrones started with a full-blown, stirring symphonic score (accompanying a complex graphics-heavy title sequence), letting us know that the show would be epic and full of adventure.

Film music fulfills important functions. Scores and soundtracks:
Unite different times and locales
Set the tone for what’s coming
Help keep the pace moving

Underscore emotions, significantly necessary like suspense.

Music and Historical Movies

Historical film scores have an extra task: they have to draw viewers into the era they depict. This could be through period-correct instrumentation, like Amadeus, that is beautifully set to selections by its subject, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Amadeus used Mozart’s compositions to boost the drama and dynamics between characters. The music also told the story of Mozart’s triumphs and (at least during his life) failures, weaving the score in and out of specific productions.

The right royalty free soundtrack is not always the simple one. Some historical films have connected with contemporary audiences by using a more modern take on film scoring. The movie and music are now completely inseparable, from one another. Some directors, like Tarantino, deliberately use pop music to provide a counterpoint to scenes of violence and mayhem, complicating the film’s tone — but still operating with it, not against it.

These are all lessons you could apply to your own historical presentation or history documentary. You are looking for royalty free music that makes your material accessible, enjoyable, and enhances its sense of authenticity.

When you are trying to find royalty background music for your history presentation, you can be guided by a sense of emotional rightness over pure historical accuracy, however you would like to avoid something that throws the audience, feels anachronistic, or just “wrong.”

With those points in mind, here are some instances of great historical background music that would work with totally different eras. They’re sourced from an excellent and comprehensive site, Beatoven. All of their tracks are royalty-free and have been professionally curated by expert ears to help your presentation sound as polished, immersive, and rich as possible.

Classical Elegance

Beatoven is also home to several wonderful, transporting classical compositions. According to the Victorian Opera site, Rossini was a wildly successful celebrity throughout his lifetime, his operas and compositions attracting widespread praise and adoration. Rossini’s Sonata for Strings in B Flat Major is an amazing piece of music, jaunty, romantic, and elegant. It’s a lighthearted piece that could bring your audience into Europe of the 19th Century, but could just as simply underscore any presentation or video that needed charm or romance. Rossini was well known for his comic operas, and you can feel his light, upbeat touch in this composition.

Bach’s concerti, like this one, are noted for their beauty and formal precision. Inspiring and stylish, this track is, simply, happy music. It’s also free of vocals, that could be a plus if your presentation has a lot of facts and figures, a way of putting your audience at ease, and creating them more receptive to your message.

Musical Conclusions

The right historical music will extremely set your presentation apart. Beatoven has many tracks that have already been cleared and are non copyright music and free royalty, sorted helpfully by genre, instrumentation, and emotional tone, to assist you discover the right one for you. If your musical knowledge is more advanced, you can even search via categories like:

In other words, you will be as granular or as emotion-driven as you like, as you look for the perfect historical royalty background music for you — whether that’s a funky jam or a sonata. Regardless of the case, rest assured that Beatoven has the right background track for your historical presentation, and the means to assist you to discover it.