Type Of Music To Use In Your Vacation Videos | Beatoven

Royalty free music website— like Beatoven — is designed to provide you with lots and lots of wonderful YouTube background music choices.

We handle all the copyright and royalty issues in make you realize that you can find music you love and never worry about YouTube taking down your music!

With this in mind, let’s look into the ways to find the right type of YouTube music for your video. Our library permits you to filter music in a number of different ways. Since you might be tempted to search for background music by genre, we always tend to suggest starting with “Mood.”

Choose a vital scenes from your vacation video and then determine what type of mood each scene conveys. Review our list of moods and decide upon the one(s) you are looking for. Here are just a few musical moods that are perfect for vacation videos:

Happy/Joyful/Cheerful: These moods are ideal for scenes of playing in the beach, exploring a new city, or your children being their awesome, playful, funny selves.

Atmospheric/Beautiful/Inspiring: Showcase the natural fantastic thing about the world with these song moods. They are excellent for that mountaintop panorama, the ocean sunset, or the hike through the forest.

Bouncy/Cruising/Upbeat: This is the perfect music for showing off your road trip, exploring a dazzling new city, or showcasing exciting monuments and architecture.

Relaxing/Hopeful: For those perfect serene moments in your vacation. Use these moods as you walk into the ocean foam, discover a hidden waterfall, hit the spa, or relax by the pool.

Romantic: If you and your partner are able to sneak some private time on your trip, this is the music often used for that romantic walk on the beach, the dinner together on the hotel balcony, or simply a cuddle sesh on the couch with mugs of hot cocoa.

Tranquil/Heartwarming: If you managed to capture some sweet, quiet moments between all the adventures, these are the musical moods for you. Perfect for sleeping kids in the backseat, sitting together around the fire, that big family hug, and other precious moments you want to recall forever.

Beatoven offers many additional features that make it simple for you to choose the right royalty free background music for your YouTube vacation videos.

Creating an excellent vacation video is like giving your family and friends a vacation souvenir they can treasure forever (and that won’t simply collect dust on the shelf).

You may realize that you have so much fun making the video that you want to create some more videos. After all, family vacations are only one of an endless number of moments and experiences that are worth preserving forever.

At Beatoven, we tend to hope that we can be the soundtrack and royalty free music library to all your family’s amazing adventures.