Top 3 Udio Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

Think about that moment when you have created a fantastic reel for your Instagram account and are ready to click on the “Upload” button, but there’s one thing stopping you—the song.

You don’t want to use the same old trending songs like “Lover” or “Until I Found You,” nor do you have an option because stock library tracks are outdated. You need something unique that fits your content, like a missing piece.

That’s when you look for AI music generators like Udio. Udio is hands down one of the best music-generation tools out there, allowing you to generate songs (with custom or auto-generated lyrics) and instrumentals with just text prompts.

Sounds fun, right? Well, Udio does have some technical limitations. One common one is generating “new” songs within known musical styles.

If you have also given in to Udio’s popularity but are not entirely happy with its outputs, you must stay tuned as we have a list of the best Udio alternatives for content creators. Let’s go!

Do you need a Udio alternative?

Udio is already trending all over the internet for its exceptional audio quality, next-level customization, and ability to generate copyright-free tracks.

Then, why on earth would you need a Udio alternative anyway?

Here’s what Udio users are saying about this tool:

The final output is not aligned with the text prompts

Udio’s is still in its beta version and the technology has many areas of improvement. For example, even though you are providing detailed text prompts, Udio is not always able to grasp the directions correctly, especially when you are looking for niche music

We tried to generate a “romantic song for a content shot in the rain,” and this is the lyric Udio generated:

Was it romantic? May be! But did it give any insights into rain? Not really.

The outputs generated with Udio r not really ‘unique’, and not always

A common challenge with Udio is its tendency to circle back to the same music styles. It is observed that even when you are generating entirely new lyrics for a new text prompt, Udio fails to add the touch and feel of a new genre.

That means the same instruments and chords in horror music may also have their footprints in romantic music. And that is frustrating for content creators.

It lacks the human touch that soulful music deserves

While generating an entire song continues to be revolutionary, many creators still find it creepy. They feel that generating songs without human involvement removes the essence.

Here’s what a Reddit user says about this 👇


We don’t know Udio’s data sources, which can be risky!

Udio hasn’t revealed the data sources it uses to train the AI models. This is a significant threat for content creators as the risk of getting flagged due to unethical data sources always remains. In such cases, your content will be taken down, and a permanent ban may be applied on your channel.

3 Udio Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

The three alternatives to Udio in our list are:

  • Suno AI
  • Boomy
  • Before diving deeper, here is a detailed comparison between Udio and the Udio competitors:

    1. is an AI music generator that creates royalty-free music. Unlike Udio or the other Udio competitors on our list, doesn’t generate songs at this point. However, it creates unique background music by collaborating with human music composers. Renowned music composers like Abhishek Borkar, Asad Khan, and Khalid Ahamed have collaborated with to create exceptional music that’s not readily available in the stock libraries.

    That’s not all. The music you generate with is customizable. You can add your choice of emotion to it, remove unwanted instruments, and convert it into multiple genres, all while using detailed text prompts (known as the Text-to-Music feature).

    Key Features

  • works with human musicians to produce royalty-free music that can be played multiple times in your videos and shorts without getting copyright strikes. For each downloaded music, you will get a perpetual licensing that specifies the usage of the tracks concerning specific use cases
  • It is one of the rare AI music generators certified by FairlyTrained for its commitment to using only licensed data to train AI models. Unlike most Udio competitors, collaborates with artists to generate 100% unique real-time, editable background scores
  • With detailed text prompts and ideas, Beethoven generates unique music unavailable in stock libraries. For each text prompt, you get distinct music. There are no pre-built music styles or patterns that are followed by again and again, unlike Udio. Each background music is 100% unique. This Udio alternative allows you to provide time-stamped feedback for each track to train the AI music generator and make it more user-friendly
  • Customize each background music you generate with mood-based, genre-based editing. For each track, generates an alternative track so you can customize one of these tracks, remove instruments, and make other adjustments to it and still come back to the first track you generated
  • Learn more about the features of


    2. Suno AI

    The next Udio competitor on our list is Suno AI. Like Udio, Suno produces background music and songs based on your text prompts. It instantly transforms ideas into song lyrics, helping content creators with royalty-free songs unavailable anywhere on the internet.

    Key Features

  • generates royalty-free background music and songs for online content like videos, reels, games
  • With Suno, you can niche your songs and background music into categories like Rap, Pop, and Classical. There are some refreshing new categories to try out, like French Dubstep, Korean Opera, etc.
  • Generate multi-lingual, high-quality, low-fidelity music with Suno
  • Pricing

    3. Boomy

    The final Udio alternative, Boomy, works with artists and music composers to create songs and background tracks. This artist-focused platform allows musicians to monetize their creations by streaming them on Spotify.

    Key Features

  • Create original songs and music in seconds on Boomy’s AI music platform
  • Boomy has built a solid creator-backed community where creative professionals can share their music and monetize their skills
  • Advanced editing tools make Boomy’s songs end-to-end customizable
  • Pricing


    Before selecting a Udio alternative, be very clear about your requirements. For example, suppose your focus is to generate original music without copyright strikes, not robotic songs that don’t sound natural. In that case, your go-to alternative to Udio should be

    If you want a tool that generates royalty-free music within a few simple steps without losing the human touch and trains its AI models ethically, Try!

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