5 Best AI Music Generators for Content Creators in 2024

A day in the life of a content creator typically involves creating content, searching for unique background music, making the content live, getting copyright strikes, and removing the content.

Okay, we might be exaggerating a bit here, but how many times have you got copyright strikes? Or how much time do you spend daily finding the right background music for your content?

When it comes to digital content, be it short films, games, YouTube videos, podcasts, or Instagram reels, music is the heart and soul of your content. But not everyone is a music expert. And even if you are, it is pretty difficult to find that unique background score that instantly matches the vibe of your content and is royalty-free.

AI music generators have made it happen. An AI music generator generates unique music based on your prompts and allows you to customize the music according to your genre and mood preferences. The icing on the cake is a royalty-free music license available for each song you download.

But picking the right AI music generator can be difficult as there are too many options. Don’t worry—we have done the groundwork for you and narrowed down a list of five best AI music generators that are affordable and meet most of the requirements of content creators.

How did we shortlist these five best AI music generators?

Before going ahead into the details of the tools, here is how we narrowed down our search to these five music generators:

  • Level of originality – Though all AI music generators are supposed to generate original music, we read user reviews that said some of these tools keep generating similar types of music. We struck out those tools from our list.
  • Pricing – We support content creators, especially budding creators who are not financially capable enough to spend high subscription fees. Therefore, AI music generation tools that offer free plans and are easy on the pocket made it to our list.
  • Customization – We preferred AI music generators that offer in-depth customization options like mood-based, instrumentation-based, and genre-based. The background score an AI music platform generates is not always close enough and often requires some finetuning.
  • The simplicity of usage – We prioritized AI music generators with simple UI that is easy to navigate and can be used by people who are not technically sound.
  • 5 Best AI music generators to try in 2024

    Here’s our list of the best AI music generators:

  • Beatoven.ai
  • Soundraw
  • Soundful
  • Loudly
  • Mubert
  • 1. Beatoven.ai

    Top Features

  • Beatoven.ai collaborates with artists and music composers to generate 100% original background music for content creators. Renowned music composers like Abhishek Borkar, Khalid Ahamed, and Asad Khan are regular contributors to Beatoven
  • For every background score you generate and download, Beatoven offers users a royalty-free music license. It is a perpetual license for using their choice of soundtracks and preferred use cases. That means, no matter how many times you play the music on the internet, you will not get any copyright strikes
  • You get plenty of customization options after generating a background musical using Beatoven. These include creating an emotion, adding a genre, and instrument removal. When adding emotion to your music, Beatoven offers you 16 choices, including sad, motivational, cheerful, happy, and angry. There are nine different genres, like rock, indie, and hip-hop. Finally, you are free to remove an instrument if you feel it is ruining the vibe of your music
  • Beatoven.ai’s simple user interface makes it all the more compelling. You can generate music of your choice using simple text prompts. The more specific your prompts are, the more accurate the music you’ll generate
  • Pros

  • Beatoven values user feedback and invites users to share their input for every musical. You can make timestamps to leave extensive feedback, and the makers use these reviews to evolve the tool
  • Simple timeline navigation that allows you to play, pause, skip forward, and backward a piece of music with simple keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cons

  • The stock music option is not available
  • Pricing

    Ideal for: Music production houses, podcast creators, YouTube creators, Game developers, Audiobook creators, and Web3 companies.

    2. Soundraw

    Soundraw is the next name in our list of best AI music generators. Soundraw works with inhouse music producers to generate original music for content creators, customizable through AI.

    Top Features

  • Soundraw API for easy integration and quick set-up
  • True, royalty-free music license
  • Customize your songs based on energy, moods, and genres
  • Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Zero copyright strikes
  • Cons

  • No free plan is available
  • Pricing

    Ideal for: Content creators and music professionals

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    3. Soundful

    Another top AI music generator for creating customized background music for your content is Soundful. It generates royalty-free, advanced music for multiple channels.

    Top Features

  • Royalty-free music license is available that allows creators to maintain ownership over their music
  • Genre-based customization makes your music unique
  • Pros

  • Free subscription available
  • Cons

  • Poor support
  • Lacks in originality and often generates music that is 60% similar
  • Pricing

    Ideal for: Music creators, influencer, and videographers

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    4. Loudly

    Loudly is an excellent AI music generator for discovering, creating, and customizing royalty-free music for your videos. Designed for new-age content creators, the background music you generate using Loudly is highly quality with several personalization options.

    Top Features

  • Generate personalized music with text prompts
  • Remix existing tracks to create unique music
  • Discover the music of your choice from an extensive music library
  • Pros

  • A free plan is available
  • Cons

  • Users struggle with technical issues and too many bugs in the platform
  • Pricing

    Ideal for: Social media creators and influencers

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    5. Mubert

    Mubert is one of the best AI music generators for creating video content, podcasts, and apps. It leverages AI’s unlimited possibilities and collaborates with human music composers to create perfect, royalty-free music for creators.

    Top Features

  • Customize the music you generate based on the mood of your content
  • Generate high-quality, original music effortlessly
  • Integrate Mubert API with your apps to bring desired music to your software
  • Pros

  • High quality music
  • A free plan is available
  • Cons

  • Ineffective support team and frequent technical issues like downloading failed
  • Pricing

    Ideal for: Video creators, YouTubers, short-film makers


    This was our list of best AI music generators. Finally, it depends on your requirements, the type of content you create, and your frequency of content creation to decide which of these tools will suit you.

    For example, if you are looking for bulk content production without compromising on quality and originality, Beatoven.ai is the best tool available.

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