Introducing Text to Music – A Dedicated Music Composer for Content Creators is thrilled to introduce you to the latest feature of our AI music generator – Text to Music. The sole idea behind this feature is to help content creators generate the music their content demands and provide them the creative freedom they deserve. That’s all we care about at, and we are excited to see how this new feature levels up your content creation game.

Cannot find the music you have in your mind? We hear you!

Imagine this: you created a video and now you have a background music in mind. But, as you start looking for music, you face the harsh reality that the music you are looking for is hard to find in libraries.

Relatable, right?

Since we launched, we have been observing how content creators especially video creators, podcasters and game creators get frustrated when:

  • They cannot easily find the background music that’s on their mind
  • Hiring a music composer to get original music is not affordable for creators on a budget.
  • The most popular stock music libraries are not customizable, and multiple creators use the same music
  • At, we aim to simplify content creators’ lives and give them more creative control on the background music for their content . That is precisely why we are introducing – Text to Music.

    Enter ‘Text to Music’ – your personal music composer

    We are not kidding when we say’s Text to Music feature is your composer. We mean it.

    You can describe the idea for the background music like you would to a music composer using the ‘Text to Music’ feature on You can do it in just three steps:

  • Step 1: Type the music you are searching for. For example: “Compose fun music for a cooking reel of 1-minute duration”.
  • Step 2: Now click on “Compose Track”. Now, all you have to do is sit back and relax.’s advanced GenAI technology will analyze your request and generate music that is closest to your needs. Don’t stop here. Once creates the music for you, you can edit it further to tell your story better.
  • Step 3: Now, it is time to download the tune and add it to your content.
  • It is that easy.

    Check out the tutorial video 👇

    Join the AI revolution with has been empowering Game Creators, Film makers, AI artists and Podcast Creators by empowering them to create original, royalty free background music.

    Our vision is to make the process of fetching the right background music, quick and highly customisable and the ‘Text to music’ feature is another step towards enabling that.

    We are beyond excited for you to try the new Text to Music feature and we await your feedback. We hope this feature will open new doors to innovation for content creators.

    Try Text to music now