Top 3 Alternatives for Digital Content Creators

AI music generators are all the rage these days, and that’s for the right reasons. They create unique, royalty-free background music every time with zero technical effort. An AI generator is like your creative partner who transforms your thoughts and innovative ideas into soulful melodies and rhythms. is one such tool that helps transform your ideas for music into reality. It generates music and writes lyrics to compose complete songs.

The lyrics rhyme well; the music is tuneful, but they all sound alike! We are not saying this, but a few users of are.

This is partly why many users are searching for alternatives to

This article discusses three top alternatives that address repetitive sound generation and ease of use.

But are these reasons fair enough to switch from Let’s find out.

Why do you need an alternative to

When you select an AI tool for a critical task like music generation for your content or video, where you expect high-quality, original songs, is worth a shot.

But, it does not fulfill your other needful expectations from an AI music-generation tool.

  • It fails to produce sound, soulful songs.
  • It fails to generate the right music despite the precise prompts
  • It generates machine-like vocals
  • It doesn’t offer options to change or remove instruments
  • The free plan is not helpful because of its minimal features
  • These issues have led a lot of users to leave reviews like:


    These issues are enough reasons to find an alternative to

    Top 3 alternavtives

    Our top choices for alternatives are:

  • AIVA
  • Boomy
  • Before we dive deeper into their details, here’s an overview of what these three tools offer: is one of the best alternatives. It generates royalty-free music using advanced AI techniques and always produces 100% unique music. With excellent customization options, it lets you add your creativity to the music tracks and change instruments, genres, and moods. gives you a perpetual license, the most needed music attribute for YouTubers, content creators, game creators, podcasters, audiobooks, and social media content generation. It generates high-quality production-ready mood and genre-based music that can be used even by production houses and agencies.

    Key features

  • 100% unique royalty-free music generates 100% unique music that does not sound similar to other music pieces. They collaborate with artists to create fresh music that adheres to your choices and prompts and offers perpetual licenses for the music generated, which saves you from copyright strikes.
  • Extensive customization options gives you customization options like no other tool, making it a top alternative to

    It offers 16 moods and 9 different genres that you can change as per your preference in the generated tracks and change the track’s vibe altogether

  • The recompose feature allows you to edit sections of the track, change instruments, chords, melodies of the section, and even the mood

  • You can cut and edit tracks and make volume and tempo adjustments using the easy drag-and-drop feature in the easy-to-use dashboard

  • You can edit the tracks meticulously by zooming in and out of the music timeline using timeline navigation that allows pause, play, skip forward and backward options
  • While most AI generators give you a single-track option, gives you 4 alternatives to a music track. When you select and edit a section of the track, it gives you 5 alternatives of the section as well

  • Text-to-music prompt

    Apart from offering options to choose genres and moods for generating music, also offers text-to-music AI prompting options to generate music. The more detailed the prompt you provide, it generates the more precise music based on the prompt. The AI also helps you write text prompts for precise instructions for music generation.

  • Video or Podcast play option allows you to add your video and podcast while generating and editing music to see if the music fits it. You can edit it per your video needs and reduce or increase music volume to support your video content.

  • Version History

    When you customize music, you add elements that may or may not fit into the music piece and support your video. But you have changed it and cannot remember where and what you did. For such cases, allows you to check the version history, go back and forth between the changes made to tracks, edit them, and create the best fit for your video.

  • Feedback tracking continuously improves its music generation and asks for detailed time-stamped feedback on the generated tracks.


  • 100% unique and royalty-free music
  • Excellent customer support services
  • Customization options, even in the free plan
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use features
  • API integration

  • Cons

  • No stock music
  • Pricing Vs


    AIVA is the second competitor in our list. It is an AI music assistant that allows you to generate music in more than 250 different styles. It also offers a music library and allows users to listen to about 150 songs generated by AIVA.

    Key Features

  • It allows users to create their own style models, upload music, and edit the generated track
  • The pro-plan offers the option to monetize compositions generated using AIVA
  • It allows users to incorporate influences in the composition
  • Pros

  • High-quality music and quick music generation
  • Offers desktop app
  • Cons

  • Similar sounding music
  • Difficult to use and generate music due to complex UI
  • Pricing

    Looking for Aiva alternatives? Check this out!


    Boomy is an artist-focused AI song generator that allows monetization and streaming on music apps like Spotify. You create music using the AI generator and share it across associated platforms to earn royalty.

    Key Features

  • Lyrics generator for creating songs
  • Some customization in the free plan
  • Option to share the generated music directly to social media apps
  • Pros

  • Good quality of music
  • Monetization through Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms
  • Cons

  • Poor support services, even in premium plans
  • Cluttered UI, which makes editing cumbersome
  • Issues with royalty payments despite millions of views
  • Pricing


    AI music generation tools open up boundless possibilities for innovation and creating impactful music. Whether you need music support for your social media reels or you need to add a dramatic background to your YouTube video, they work well for all. is an efficient and affordable tool that allows you to buy minutes when you need one-time music or full-length background music.

    Instead of random, complex features, it gives you customization options that enable you to add character to the AI-generated music, even in the free plan. Most importantly, it saves you from copyright strikes even after your subscription has ended.

    Sign up for the free trial today and see for yourself!