Top 3 Mubert Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

AI music generators and stock music libraries are life saviors for content creators. They save time and money when you need original music on a budget. AI music generators also prevent copyright claims by generating royalty-free music in seconds.

You expect a seamless music generation experience and high-quality, affordable, and good customer support when using AI tools.

Mubert is an AI music generator that quickly creates background music that matches the context of your content. Mubert also offers stock music from artists with a wide selection of genres and playlists.

But Mubert users often complain about poor customer support and random music generation despite using specific prompts.

You are in the right place if you are an existing Mubert user looking for a better Mubert alternative. We have three excellent AI music generators for creating high-quality, unique, royalty-free music. Bonus – all these brands have an empathetic customer support team.

But first, let’s dig deeper to find out the issues with Mubert

Why choose Mubert competitors?

While Mubert serves the purpose of generating music using AI, users report several issues, such as:

  • Generating random similar-sounding music despite giving descriptive text prompts
  • Bugs in the tool with disrupted download functionality and track generation
  • Poor customer support services
  • A free subscription that provides only generic tracks and comes with a music watermark saying ‘Mubert’ in between the tracks, which makes it useless to generate anything under the free subscription
  • We have done our groundwork, and below are the Mubert competitors we recommend.

    Top 3 Mubert Alternatives to Try Out in 2024

    Our shortlisted alternatives to Mubert are:

  • Soundraw
  • Epidemic Sound
  • Let’s take a glance at the features offered by these tools.

    1. is our top choice because of its excellent music generation results. It combines advanced music theory and production concepts with AI technology to generate 100% unique and original music. It offers beneficial and easy-to-use customization options to make the generated music unique to your liking.

    Generating music based on mood, themes, and genres, caters to different creators. It is ideal for content creators, videographers, podcasts, gamers, social media content creators, and even production houses and agencies.

    Key features

  • 100% unique royalty-free music uses advanced music theory to generate music using AI, which creates original music every time. Since it is uniquely generated, you don’t get similar-sounding music. With this, they give you a perpetual license to use royalty-free music pieces. It means you get to use it in your content multiple times.
  • Advanced customization boasts excellent customization features that help you adjust the music and instruments to your requirements. You add your creativity to the AI-generated piece using these features, making it uniquely yours and building great content.
  • Use the recompose feature to edit sections of the track, recompose it, and even change instruments in sections

  • Change the emotions of the track and the sections. Select a section and change its mood to make a track sound happy and another section tense. Simply select the section, choose from 16 different moods, and apply

  • Customizing a soundtrack for a podcast or any other use requires adjusting the volume and tempo.’s simple drag-and-drop makes it happen in seconds. You just have to adjust the control points to your desired levels. You can also cut parts of the music to your need and edit the remaining sections

  • allows you to change the vibe and genre of the generated track. You simply choose from 9 different genres and edit them in sections of the same track to entirely change how it sounds

  • When you generate music using, you get 4 alternative track options. All these tracks are editable and customizable based on your needs. You also get 5 alternatives for changing the composition of the selected section of the same track

  • Text-to-music prompt

    Using the text-to-music prompt, you generate the exact music you need. All you have to do is give a precise, detailed description of the music required and let the AI do its magic. If you have trouble writing the prompt, you can ask the AI.

  • Version History keeps track of all the tracks generated. You can return to any version of the music you generate using the version history. This allows you to go back and forth in the music track and see which is better.

  • Feedback tracking
    Driven by advanced AI technology and music techniques, focuses on continuously improving its music generation. It allows you to write detailed feedback using timestamps for the generated music.
  • Pros

  • 100% original and unique royalty-free music
  • Very responsive customer support
  • API integration
  • Lots of customization options in the free plan
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Cons

  • No music library
  • Pricing

    Mubert Vs

    2. Soundraw

    Soundraw is the next name in our list of best AI music generators. Soundraw works with inhouse music producers to generate original music for content creators, customizable through AI.

    Top Features

  • Soundraw API for easy integration and quick set-up
  • True, royalty-free music license
  • Customize your songs based on energy, moods, and genres
  • Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Zero copyright strikes
  • Cons

  • No free plan is available
  • Pricing

    3. Epidemic Sound

    Epidemic Sound is a music library that offers a wide range of music and sound effects for different categories and channels. It also offers royalty-free music from global artists and composers.

    Key features

  • Track suggestions based on the frames of the video content
  • Search option to find similar-sounding music using a favorite hook, drop, riff, or bridge of the song
  • Offers subscription with all rights
  • Pros

  • Multiple search options like video frame-based, sound-based, etc.
  • Vast music catalog to select music
  • Adobe Pro Premier plugin
  • Cons

  • Users reported copyright strikes after subscriptions ended
  • Expensive compared to other platforms
  • Only a 7-day free trial with limited options
  • Pricing

    Already using Epidemic and looking for an alternative? Find out the best Epidemic Sound alternatives.


    Music is an integral part of any content and is a pivotal element that can pull off or ruin a scene. What do you hear when I say ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Star Wars’? It is the music that instantly hits you, right?

    That’s the power of good music, and this is why creators worldwide are always searching for an excellent original soundtrack. AI music generation tools simplify this process and safeguard them from copyright claims.

    The best way to find a suitable alternative to Mubert is to explore the free trials of each of these tools and identify which tool best meets your requirements.
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