Top 3 Alternatives to AIVA for Content Creators in 2024

Are you spending hours scrolling through music libraries only to find the same old background scores?

With the vast amount of content online, you will likely hear the same music piece in 10 different videos.

Content creators want unique music that resonates with the vibe of their videos to create a difference. The music must also be royalty-free because copyright strikes are the last thing any creator wants.

This is why the time calls for suitable AI music generators that provide royalty-free music and allow you to create music without the technical know-how of music generation.

AIVA is one such tool.

AIVA is an AI music-generation assistant that helps you generate music in over 250 styles. While AIVA offers impressive music-generation capabilities, some of its limitations leave creators yearning for alternatives.

This article explores the top 3 AIVA alternatives to solve your problems with royalty-free, unique music generation. Let’s get started.

Can you also relate to these challenges? Then, you must need an AIVA alternative

First, let’s address the elephant in the room–why some creators are looking for an alternative to AIVA.

While AIVA is an excellent tool for music generation, it lacks originality. You often find the music generated to be very similar to each other.

Another core issue with AIVA is that it requires a lot of effort from the user to generate the right music, which shouldn’t be the case with an AI music generator. AIVA’s features almost make it feel like you are looking at a music editor’s dashboard, which is challenging for creators who don’t possess sound knowledge of music technicalities to navigate.

After all, the aim is to create royalty-free, unique music effortlessly and not get lost in the sea of music nuances.

These three AIVA competitors create royalty-free music quickly and easily within seconds, requiring zero technical knowledge. Let’s check them out!

Top 3 AIVA Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

We have shortlisted three AIVA competitors based on their ease of use, ability to generate royalty-free music and original music output:

  • SunoAI
  • Soundful
  • Before getting into details, here’s a quick breakdown of the features of AIVA and its three alternatives:

    1. is at the top of the AIVA alternative list for all the good reasons. It is an AI royalty-free music generator that creates impressive tracks based on your mood, theme, and style. Beatoven works with human artists to generate original, royalty-free music. is ideal for content creators, videographers, podcast creators, gamers, and social media content.

    Key features

  • Royalty-free unique music generates 100% unique music and offers a perpetual license of use. This means the music generated using cannot get copyright strikes on any platform, irrespective of the number of times you play it online.
  • Extensive customization
    This feature sets apart from the other alternatives to AIVA. It collaborates with top artists to create world-class, unique music and applies advanced music generation techniques using AI to create a piece. To give the music a touch of your creativity, Beatoven provides customization options that make it yours.
  • Play with different instruments, change them, and remove them from the track-generated

  • Change the mood and emotions of the music track in sections. This allows you to choose from 16 different moods and add different emotions to the same track with simple drag-and-drop
  • In addition to mood, edit the music genre and change the vibe of the music. has nine different music genres, such as Indian, classical, pop, rock, cinematic, hip-hop, ambient, etc., to choose from

  • also lets you recompose a section entirely through the Select and Recompose feature

  • With, adjust the volume and tempo of the track according to your content. For example, if you need music for a podcast, lower the music volume in places when the guest speaks. Or, for your video, you lower the track volume during dialogues
  • provides you with four alternatives for the same prompt. This allows you to choose from the best, customize it, and create a piece of music that fits your needs

  • Text-to-music prompt
    Generate music in two ways: by selecting options like genre and mood or by giving a text prompt using Beatoven. This Text-to-music feature creates music based on the prompt you wrote. The more descriptive you are about the music you want to generate, the better the result.

  • Version history
    You created and customized the music, but the original track was the best. Now what? saves your track history and allows you to go back and forth in the track editing history, edit the one you like, and choose the best one.

  • Feedback tracking is the only platform that tracks user feedback to improve its music generation and allows you to leave detailed time-stamped feedback for the generated music piece.

  • Pros

  • A highly user-friendly and easy-to-use platform that does not require any technical knowledge for music generation
  • Offers excellent customization options in a free plan
  • Generates 100% unique music
  • Cons

  • It does not have a music library to choose from
  • Pricing

    AIVA vs.


    Suno AI is the next AIVA alternative on our list. It creates need-based background music. It quickly creates music and lyrics based on your prompts.

    Key Features

  • Generate lyrics and create custom songs
  • Stream the generated song in their Pro and Premier subscription plan
  • Create and curate playlists in your library
  • Pros

  • Quick song generation tool
  • Cons

  • There is no guide for users on how to use the tool and generate songs
  • There are no customer support details to reach out to in case of issues
  • The free plan does not offer credit and monetization
  • Similar-sounding music most of the time and does not understand the prompts well, generating random song

  • Pricing

    3. Soundful

    Soundful is an AI music generator and a great alternative to AIVA. It offers royalty-free background music in just a few clicks, caters to a wide range of platforms, and allows you to monetize the generated music.

    Key Features

  • It offers an extensive music category, themes, moods, and styles to choose from
  • It gives the option to create a track, loop, or similar tracks
  • Offers music stem for customization

  • Pros

  • Generates high, production quality music
  • Cons

  • There is almost no option in the free plan. You will have to buy the track or the subscription to do anything on the tool
  • Users reported receiving copyright claims on music generated using Suno AI
  • Complex and cluttered UI makes it difficult to use in the first go
  • Pricing


    Uniqueness and 100% originality are the marks of an actual creator, and for those who value originality, these AI tools are perfect alternatives to creating music that reflects their creativity.

    While AIVA is a good tool with good editing features, it fails to simplify things for creators. The AIVA alternatives like simplify music generation and allow creators to easily add their creativity and personality to the music piece.

    If you need an easy-to-generate music tool, try

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