What Does Royalty Free Music Mean | Beatoven

What Does Royalty Free Music Mean

What makes a perfect video? Good shots, smooth transitions, authentic concept and intent paired with a fitting soundtrack.  Being a videographer requires a lot of manual work. Many content creators run into serious dilemmas when choosing music for their video, and this is worsened with not knowing terms like license … Read More

Background Music For Videos | Beatoven

How To Make My Music Free From Copyright?

Video content on the internet is highly engaging – keeping all senses of the audience fully involved. While the visuals are greatly focused upon, the incorporation of good music, especially good background music, is often sidelined by the content creator. It is therefore essential that a content creator master the … Read More

Choosing Royalty Free Vs Copyright Free | Beatoven

Choosing Royalty Free Vs Copyright Free

Music is not only a complicated work of art, but it also involves some complicated legal paperwork to secure licenses, copyrights and other allied rights. Legal jargon surrounding the rights to the work that you and several others have created can be rather intimidating. This article will help you navigate … Read More

The Rise Of Streaming Era | Beatoven

The Rise Of Streaming Era

In the first part of this series, I covered the rise of technology in the music industry and how it shaped the music creation and listening habits of the day. In the late 1990s, the music industry was facing its biggest challenge due to the invention of the mp3, internet, and the … Read More

History Of Technology In Music | Beatoven

History Of Technology In Music

When I was co-founding Beatoven.ai, I was curious about where music as a field is headed. With streaming and social media dictating the current musical trends, I wanted a holistic view of how music has evolved over time and what could the future of music look like. On this note, let’s … Read More