Basic Guide To AI Music Generators

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) music generators are becoming more popular in the music industry. In this post, we will provide an introduction to AI music generators, explore the impact they may have on the future of music, and discuss how they can be used for various projects. An … Read More

Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers

Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your vlog? We were asked for suggestions concerning music — here are few. Vloggers: Hats are off to all Vloggers for putting yourself out there. Whether you’re sharing footage from a recent trip to a faraway land, showing off your favorite recipe, contributing to … Read More

Background music for vlogs | Beatoven

Background music for vlogs

Today, vlogging has become the hottest trend of YouTube, accumulating hundreds of millions of views every day. However, as lucrative as it may seem, making vlogs is a challenging and tasking process. From recording clips while walking to editing different shots, the entire process takes a lot of effort. However, … Read More