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Indie Game Developers


1. Design themes for levels

Every level can feel different, with the right music. Use combinations of moods and genres to convey criticality in any mission.

2. Background music for scenarios and characters

Depending on the circumstance and action on screen, keep an inventory of music ready. Whether you are solving a puzzle or building a city, there is a right tune for each situation.

3. Make music for menu screens in your game

Have the players groove to a signature tune that will stay with them, as they check out the settings, controls, etc.

Find the tune that carries your story

Create unique royalty-free music that matches the various moods of your content.

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Unique music

Our AI combines advanced music theory and production concepts to deliver unique music.

Unlimited Customization

Customize the length, genre, mood and instruments to create your music tracks.

Streamlined Output

Production-ready music with industry standard mixing and mastering. utilizes advanced AI music generation techniques to create mood-based music tailored to complement your content. Ideal for video, podcast, and game creators.

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