Meet Semir: Journey from Architecture to Game Development

Meet Semir, an accomplished architect with a Ph.D. from Istanbul, who has a passion for creating immersive 3D environments and interactive experiences. Despite his background in architecture, he harboured a dream of entering the world of game development, a field that seemed distant due to the complex coding and resource requirements. Semir’s journey into game development took an exciting turn when he discovered the power of AI, in realising his dreams.

Semir – Architect and Game Developer

From Architect to Game Developer

Semir’s journey started in Serbia, where he pursued his undergraduate studies. His background in architectural engineering and his fascination with 3D modelling made him dream of crafting immersive digital experiences. However, this dream seemed out of reach, requiring expertise in various fields, including materials, textures, skyboxes, and music, to create a truly captivating experience.
In addition to his architectural pursuits, Semir found himself deeply immersed in the crypto and web3 space, experimenting with NFTs and creating a diverse range of content. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and curiosity about emerging technologies led him to explore the realm of AI.

AI Tools Unleash Creative Potential

As Semir delved deeper into the world of AI, he encountered ChatGPT and other AI-driven tools. His turning point came when he participated in the Game Gen competition by Spatial, another web3 project. He realised that AI tools could equip him with the capabilities to design games independently.
For Semir, the need for background music in his creative content was paramount. As a musician proficient in piano and guitar, he initially attempted to create his own music using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). However, he soon recognized the need for professional-sounding music that would elevate his content to the next level.

Semir's games on Spatial
Semir’s games on Spatial

Enter Elevating Music Creation for Games

Semir’s quest for exceptional background music led him to’s revolutionary approach to music creation captured his attention. Although he initially hesitated due to the perceived lack of control over compositions, he was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding results. allowed Semir to generate music that perfectly aligned with his creative vision. What made stand out was its ability to understand and interpret his requirements. Semir emphasised that, as a creator and game developer, he often knew exactly what he needed the music to be like before generating it. Beatoven.aiI’s capacity to deliver precisely what he envisioned, quickly and efficiently, was a game-changer. logo helps creators make music for their content

The Impact of in Game Development

Semir didn’t stop at using for just one game; he integrated it into the development of five games, one of which is named “3elda” (inspired by Zelda). In “3elda” players navigate 3D puzzles in outer space, and the music plays a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience.
All five of Semir’s games are publicly available on Spatial, showcasing his ability to create immersive environments and interactive experiences. What sets his journey apart is the speed with which he accomplished these feats. Using AI tools, Semir designed three of his games in less than a month—a remarkable feat that would have been inconceivable without AI assistance.

Image from Semir's game called 3ELDA
Image from Semir’s game called 3ELDA

Empowering Creativity with AI Tools

Semir’s story highlights the transformative power of AI tools in enabling individuals to achieve extraordinary results. With AI, he was able to reduce the size of his team, effectively harnessing the capabilities of technology to bring his creative visions to life. His journey from architecture to game development exemplifies the democratisation of creativity through AI.

Semir’s Toolkit for Game Development

Semir’s creative process is a testament to his multidisciplinary approach:

  • Conceptualization: He begins by envisioning the game’s concept, mood, and atmosphere, making use of Unreal Engine and Unity for detailing.
  • AI Assistance: For coding and other technical aspects, Semir relies on ChatGPT, which proves to be a time-saving asset.
  • Skybox Generation: Blockade Labs aids in creating immersive skyboxes that set the mood and tone of his games.
  • Music Creation: provides AI generated music, enriching the gaming experience.
  • Textures: For textures, Semir utilises to create realistic and visually stunning environments.
  • 3D Modelling: Blender is his go-to tool for 3D modelling, adding depth and detail to his games.
  • Logos of tools used for game development
    Some tools used by Semir for game development


    Semir’s journey from architecture to game development showcases the transformative potential of AI toolsI. By harnessing the power of AI, he not only realised his dream but also demonstrated the remarkable efficiency and creative possibilities that AI brings to the world of game development. Semir’s story is a testament to the democratisation of creativity, where one individual can achieve what once required a sizable team, all thanks to the aid of AI technology.
    In a world where technology is constantly evolving, individuals like Semir are shaping the future of creative industries, one game at a time.

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