gets Certified for Respecting Creator Rights by Fairly Trained

Ethical AI is about promoting the legitimate application of Artificial Intelligence. It is a set of guidelines that stress fundamental principles like individual rights of the users, privacy, and non-manipulation of sensitive data.

AI is spreading its wings across multiple business sectors, and everything that would sound impossible even a few years ago is very much possible with AI. AI has a lot of potential, and it all comes down to us, the users, how and why we use it.

Fairly Trained, a non-profit company, launched a certification to promote ethical Generative AI models on January 17. We are excited to inform you that – is one of the very first AI companies to receive the Licensed Model certification, along with nine other companies, for strictly using licensed data to train the AI models.

Here’s everything you should know about Fairly Trained and what made worthy of the certification

What is Fairly Trained?

Fairly Trained is a non-profit organization on a mission to help creators understand and protect their privacy rights when working with GenAI tools. The sole goal behind forming this organization was to assist creators in identifying which GenAI companies prioritize consent-based approach to train their AI model, so creators make informed decisions.

The steller leadership team behind Fairly Trained consists of a group of seasoned professionals like:

Ed-Newton-Rex – CEO of Fairly Trained
Tom Gruber – Advisor
Elizabeth Moody – Advisor
Maria Pallante – Advisor
Max Richter – Advisor

The leadership team has over 20 years of joint experience working in deep-tech companies. It is possibly the best people to certify generative models like AI music generators based on their perspective toward content creators’ privacy rights.

It makes us immensely proud to be named among the first batch of AI music generators who received the ethical AI certification from Fairly Trained.

Why is sourcing its own dataset even though it’s a long and tedious process?

At, our core belief has always been to leverage generative AI models to address the challenges faced by content creators. But we don’t compromise the creator’s privacy and always prioritise adopting a consent-focused approach when developing our AI music generator. We also believe artists need to be at the core of this digital revolution.That is primarily why is building its music database, even though it is a long process.

Here’s everything you must know about’s original music database:

We want to empower content creators and musicians

Content creation is an art, and every creator is an artist. We respect their skills and want to give the creators the creative freedom they deserve. We understand that finding original music is challenging as most tracks in the stock libraries have already been used multiple times, and they steal the uniqueness of your content.

On the contrary, fresh, original music is unavailable or has a big fat royalty fee or unavoidable copyright issues.

That’s why we work with musicians to build a database of original and royalty-free music, which empowers content Creators to create original music with our tech without worrying about copyright claims.

Help musicians monetize their creativity

Our goal is to guide the musicians to reach their revenue goals. A common challenge budding musicians face is that, despite having a solid talent, they don’t get the “break” they anticipate as the competition in the music industry is too strong.

That’s why we want to democratize the music industry and help the new-age musicians build a consistent revenue source.

If you are an artist with a knack for music that elevates content, we are looking for you.

Join the crew, and let’s support each other.

Build a sustainable AI ecosystem where everyone wins

From very early on, the founders of have realized one thing – the generative AI ecosystem is not a one-person empire. To capitalize on it, you must support everyone and thrive toward a sustainable AI ecosystem where everyone wins.

That is precisely why we have been adding original music to our database. We are using licensed data to train our AI models so users’ content is never at risk and our AI model is not questioned for its exceptional outputs.

Ensure that our users are protected from copyright infringement issues

We work with musicians and advanced AI models to deliver original, unique music that complements your videos, reels, and games without causing infringement. The user will be granted a perpetual license on their preferred use case for each soundtrack. This means a lifetime relief from copyright infringement.

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