How to make Meditation Music on in 2024?

What is meditation music?

Meditation music is the genre of music created to help you stay calm. It is often characterized by its soothing repetitive melodies and slow tempo. The primary purpose of meditation music is to help individuals achieve a state of mindfulness, focus, and relaxation during meditation or other mindfulness practices.

How to create meditation music?

If you are not a musician but still want to create meditation music for yourself or for others, you can do it in just few steps with

In this example, we will show you how to create meditation music on with the Text-to-music

  • Sign in and head to our prompt box

  • Enter a prompt that describes the track you have in your mind, we would encourage you to be specific with the duration, themes and genre of music you’re looking for. You can find the example prompt in the image below

  • Once you have entered the prompt, hit ‘compose track’
  • Your meditation music is ready:
    Your track is ready. That’s it. It is that simple. You can choose from the Alternate tracks to choose the best track for you.
    Timeline screenshot
  • Your Music Licence:
    You will get a license in your mail that allows you to use the music on youtube to share it with others. You can even choose to monetise these videos you put up without worrying about royalties. However, you are not allowed to distribute the music on Spotify or any other such DSPs
    Screenshot of music license
    Music License
  • Here is the meditation track that we baked in this example.

    We look forward to hearing your compositions!