How to Create Epic Music on

What is Epic music? Epic, as the word suggests, is anything that signifies ambition, scale, and grandiose. It is often associated with power and heroism. Epic music typically uses traditional techniques, incorporating classical theory and modern tools to create a grand and cohesive sound. The compositions in epic music often … Read More

How to Create Scary Music on

What is scary music? Scary music, often associated with the horror genre, is a category of music that evokes a sense of fear, tension and suspense. What makes a song scary are low frequencies, dissonance, unusual instrumentations along with percussions. Composers often include ambient sounds like blowing wind, creaking doors, … Read More

How to create Lo-fi Music on

What is Lo-fi music? Lo-fi, or low-fidelity music, is a genre characterized by imperfect production quality. This often includes elements such as misplayed notes, harmonic distortion, or phonographic imperfections like environmental sounds. Lo-fi music can be categorized by its simple and repetitive melodies, featuring slow tempo drum loops and jazz … Read More

How to make Focus Music on

What is Focus Music? Focus music, also known as concentration music or study music, is a genre of music specifically designed to help individuals concentrate, enhance productivity, and maintain focus on their tasks. It typically consists of instrumental music, which means it lacks lyrics, vocals, or any distracting elements that … Read More

How to make Meditation Music on

A man in meditation position

What is meditation music? Meditation music is the genre of music created to help you stay calm. It is often characterized by its soothing repetitive melodies and slow tempo. The primary purpose of meditation music is to help individuals achieve a state of mindfulness, focus, and relaxation during meditation or … Read More