How to buy music for commercial use?

There are over 13M+ creators on YouTube, establishing the size of the global creator economy in the coming years. When discussing the creator economy, how do we forget music and its role in making good content great? However, getting the proper music license is like navigating a maze. If you … Read More

How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram Reels?

If you are an Instagram influencer, new social media creator, or someone who just enjoys creating reels, you must know about the copyright rules for Instagram reels. Using someone else’s music in your Instagram reels without their consent can result in disabling your account and permanently removing your Instagram page. … Read More

How to make Meditation Music on in 2024?

A man in meditation position

What is meditation music? Meditation music is the genre of music created to help you stay calm. It is often characterized by its soothing repetitive melodies and slow tempo. The primary purpose of meditation music is to help individuals achieve a state of mindfulness, focus, and relaxation during meditation or … Read More