How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram Reels?

If you are an Instagram influencer, new social media creator, or someone who just enjoys creating reels, you must know about the copyright rules for Instagram reels.

Using someone else’s music in your Instagram reels without their consent can result in disabling your account and permanently removing your Instagram page. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to pay as much as $150,000 in fines and serve up to five years of jail time.

Sounds scary, isn’t it? Who thought Instagram content creation could be this complex?

Well, suppose you know how Instagram flags your content under the “copyright infringement” category, and you follow the accurate rules to prevent copyright strikes. In that case, you are not likely to get into trouble.

Getting strikes for copyright on Instagram reels is a significant roadblock for Instagram creators. In this article, we will help you address this once and for all.

How does Instagram Detect Copyrighted Music?

Instagram’s automated system detects the copyright status of music from its ID whenever it is played in a post (photo or reel). When you use copyrighted music in your content, Instagram notifies you, sending frequent alerts while uploading the reel or image. These alerts warn the creator not to use that particular piece of music and provide them with an opportunity before Instagram has to take any action against the content.

A typical alert to avoid copyright infringement from Instagram looks something like this 👇


If the creator misses or deliberately neglects these notifications, this automated system mutes the music from your reel or removes the post. Since this system is automated, Instagram sometimes flags copyrighted music even though the creator has permission to use it.

What Actions does Instagram take against Copyrighted Music?

When Instagram’s automated content system detects the use of copyrighted music, it instantly takes any one of the following actions:

  • Mute your post or reel
  • Remove your post or reel
  • If it is a live stream, end it midway
  • Take down your Instagram story

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    If a creator repeatedly uses copyrighted music in their content, Instagram will block your account and prevent you from activating it.

    Instagram is direct in terms of its copyright rules. While your content is your own, and Instagram strictly protects your privacy, you have to be respectful of other creators’ creative rights, too.

    Just because an audio file or piece of music exists on Instagram doesn’t mean it is available for public use as per the U.S. copyright policy. You must use a license that clearly states that the music is free to use for Instagram content creation, be it reels, stories, photos, or live streams.

    Since Instagram allows you to avoid copyright strikes first-hand, you can’t blame it, can you? 😎

    How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram Reels? Tools and Tips

    By now, you should clearly know how Instagram’s copyright detection engine works. Accordingly, here’s how you can avoid getting copyrighted on Instagram reels and other content types:

    1. Use original, royalty-free music generated using an AI music generator

    Use an AI music generator like to create original, royalty-free music in collaboration with renowned composers. With contributions from music composers worldwide, AI music generators get smarter.

    Additionally, upon downloading a piece of music generated using an AI music platform, you’ll receive a perpetual license that clearly states that your music is royalty-free and all copyrights of using it are reserved to the AI tool. Since it is royalty-free, you can play it multiple times for Instagram reels, YouTube videos and any other content type without worrying about getting copyright strikes.

    2. Ask permission from the original creator and give them credit

    If you want to use a piece of music featured in another creator’s content, the best approach is to ask for consent directly. While it often sounds impossible to get a fellow creator’s permission, there might be exceptions where a creator says, “Yes, go ahead.”

    Also, always remember to give creators the credit they deserve. If you are forced to use copyrighted music, ensure you share credit with them in your Instagram reel caption. Your disclaimer should be clear, mention the original creator and tag them.

    That way, even though Instagram will not flag your post or go easy on you with the penalties.

    3. Keep your Instagram reels short and consider mixing different copyrighted

    Shorter videos with more visuals tend to get fewer copyright strikes from Instagram. When your reels are shorter and feature more visuals, Instagram’s built-in system takes more time to detect copyright infringement; by that time, your reel is expected to get over.

    Additionally, mixing one or more copyrighted works reduces your chances of getting flagged compared to using only one copyrighted piece of music.

    But in both cases, ensure that the original creator is credited.

    The Safest Way to Avoid Copyright Strikes – Use

    While there are several ways to reduce the possibility of getting copyright strikes, the safest way is to use an AI music generator called is a free AI music generator that:

  • Works with music composers to help creators access a new world of original, royalty-free music
  • It is certified by Fairly trained as an ethical AI provider
  • It automates you to generate the music of your choice for Instagram reels and other social media content types with text prompts
  • It lets you personalize your music based on mood-based, emotion-based and genre-based filters
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