Who Buys Royalty Free Music? | Beatoven

Royalty free music is usually interchanged with stock music. And any media associated with “stock” is additionally related with low quality, unexciting, or overused media. However there’s a lot more to royalty free music and how it can be used than you really think. You may be missing out on an opportunity to help your work and business. Let’s find out more.

So, who does use royalty free music? The answer is almost everybody. If your work has any association with media or marketing, you can be benefiting from using royalty free music. The royalty free music industry exists to help out those working in media. And let’s be honest, no matter what job you have, there’s always some marketing or online presence associated with it. So if you need music to go with whatever project, event, or operation you’ve got going, remember royalty free music is a tool that can help you save time and money.

The concept of royalty free music sounds pretty cool, right? But how exactly can you use it? And will it even effect your business or target audience? While the idea of purchasing soundtracks seems like a video or editor kind of tool, there’s benefit from using royalty free music actually to a lot industries.

Independent Video Producer
If you are an independent contractor and are tired and overworked from managing multiple projects, have some peace of mind. Almost every royalty free music site is super easy to use. You’re bound to find the exact music you need, filter your search by genre, mood, instrument and many more. You’re bound to find it, indeed when your client asks for something really specific. Few composers even deliberately create music that sounds like popular hits. So when you’re client makes references to how they want it to sound, you know you can find it.

Production Company
Why rely on expensive custom composition when you could simply search and find it instead? Not having to deal with licensing and copyrights is a huge relief, even if you work in a larger media company with a bigger budget. You’re going to need access to a large royalty free music library with every sound imaginable, if you have several projects going at once.

A potential customer is not going to stop scrolling on their feed unless there‚Äôs something visually stimulating. And if they decide to turn the sound on, the music better be just as good. Until it sounds good, you can’t run a great campaign. This is especially important for video marketing. It’s no more a secret that a video marketing campaign is the most effective way to grab your audience’s attention. And you need to be creative to catch someone’s attention, considering social media is one of the most effective way to reach an audience.

On-Hold Systems
If you have ever had to make a call to a business you’ve most certainly been placed on hold. And what makes waiting even worse than it is? Waiting in silence. If your business has a phone system with a high number of calls you probably already have systems set up for music to play while the customer waits. Often times the music is pretty bad. However with such large libraries available with every genre imaginable, you can choose music that won’t make your customers go insane. And your customer is likely to have a better experience if you make the effort to play high quality royalty free music and you can find it on Beatoven site.

Other Usages

There’s an endless list of ways to use royalty free music, as well as ones you’ve never thought