How Budding Creative Freelancers Can Get their Work Noticed | Beatoven

A freelance way of life and work is getting comparatively popular. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of independent copywriters,photographers, filmmakers, designers and podcasters that constantly search for new clients and new gigs.

So how can an up coming talented freelancer deal with this huge amount of competition and get noticed? Here are some pieces of advice you might benefit you.

You Need a Website

A lot of freelancers in the era of social media, feel as if having a website is not a necessary commodity. However, this isn’t true. Apart from giving out a sense of professionalism, a website can help you place in a visible spot and lay out a clear, concise portfolio, without having to fear that it will get lost in an ocean of new posts and irrelevant information.

Your website is the briefest and most elementary expression of your work and your online presence. You shouldn’t hesitate to take full advantage of this fact.

Having a robust website can undeniably elevate your professional image, but one step further could be securing an exclusive domain. Consider owning an AI domain to convey innovation and forward-thinking right from the URL, catching potential clients’ eyes.

Clever Marketing
You may be good at what you do, but being good and being noticed are not closely connected. You’ll have to be different and smart when promoting yourself. Social networks can make huge impact, drawing attention to your work and your website in general.
Trending topics come and go, but you can use them to gain just the right amount of initial attention you need. Once you have their attention you can direct them to your work and your services. It’s a tactic that can surely pay off but demands patience.

High-Quality Design
It’s clear that your content has to be top-quality, if you want to get noticed and appeal to the right audience. But the visual look of your promotional channels has to be in order as well. This doesn’t go just for designers, who should obviously see this as a part of their job, but for all other freelancers as well.

Don’t forget that the point of your advertising is creating a strong, well-rounded brand around yourself. The way you’ll do it depends on your target industry and your target group. Adjusting your visual identity – brand colors, logo or filters to convience people you want to attract is the essential step in this process.

High Quality Sound
In order to really stand out, you have to decide about every detail of your online presence. You need to sound good as well, apart from looking good . This goes for filmmakers, podcasters as well as everyone whose content or self-promotion includes any kind of audio recordings.

Fine sound recording gear is not that expensive anymore, so spending a few bucks in order to have your sound perfectly clear is money well invested. Same goes for royalty free background music you’ll use. Choosing to go with Beatoven is a perfect choice for creative freelancers. Wherever you get your license, take some extra time to ensure that it is truly royalty free music library. Royalty-free music enables you to re-use the track as frequently as you like, where ever you like, including YouTube, Vimeo, social media, commercial TV, and radio, without having to get a new license.

Eventually, meeting people from your branch and making new connections is extremely important, not just in order to get noticed, but also to pick up some useful tricks that can help you in your career. Attending meetups, conferences, seminars and other types of “offline” events and getting a chance to meet these people face to face is the best possible option, but online networking can be very important as well.

In this context, there are lot advantages if you manage to reach out to admired and well-known influencers from your field. If you can impress or convience them enough to earn a mention or a share, others may also take notice and that can give you a much-needed initial boost in drawing attention from audience and clients.

Final Thoughts
Whatever you do, it’s vital that you keep the good content coming and not get discouraged. Someone, somewhere will be intrigued enough, the word will start spreading and later it’s up to you to use this to your advantage.