Introducing Track History : Go back to your favourite track!

At, we’ve always strived to empower creators with innovative tools to enhance their musical journey. In response to the fervent requests from our incredible user community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: ‘Track History.’ This addition is designed to help you craft and perfect your compositions without regrets of losing out on good compositions.

Revisit, Revert, and Refine

Imagine this- You’ve spent hours fine-tuning your musical masterpiece, only to realise that the recent tweaks didn’t quite capture the essence you initially envisioned. Fret not! With Track History, you hold the power to browse through previously loved versions of your compositions. Feel free to rewind, revisit, and select the iteration that resonates best with your creative soul.

Undo with Ease

Not feeling the recent edits you’ve made to your composition? No problem! Our Track History feature allows you to effortlessly undo alterations. Dive into the version history of your tracks, seamlessly revert to prior, unedited renditions, and resume editing from the point where your musical brilliance shone brightest.

How to Access Track History

Accessing Track History is a breeze! You can simply find it on the top right corner of all your projects.

Join the Evolution

At, we’re passionate about enhancing your creative process and the introduction of Track History is just another step in our ongoing commitment to empowering creators worldwide.

We’re incredibly excited to witness how the Track History feature transforms your creative process. Join us on this exhilarating musical journey, where the power to explore, revert, and refine your compositions rests at your fingertips.

Embrace the past, shape the present, and craft the future of your musical endeavours with Track History—exclusively from Start exploring the endless possibilities today!