Five Tips for Choosing Music for Commercial Use | Beatoven

If you’re working on a commercial, you probably know that you need music to make it sing. Research has found that music makes ads more effective, increasing their emotional impact and creating them more memorable.

You can probably extrapolate from your own expertise that watching ads without any music makes them feel strangely naked and skeletal. So while you are likely determined to use music, you may wonder what makes a good commercial song? And how is music used in commercials to make them more unforgettable and effective?

Here are five tips to help you choose the right track that will propel your commercial to the next level.

1. Good Commercial Music Sets the Right Emotional Tone
Are you making an attempt to make your ad funny and breezy? Sentimental and heartstring-tugging? Music typically reminds audiences regarding how to feel — particularly within the timeframe ads offer.

You don’t have lot of time time to get an audience’s attention and announce your tone, and music is an excellent shortcut for influencing your audience’s feelings. When thinking about tone, think about how certain kinds of music, instrumentation, and genres make you feel. Songs in a very minor mode are universally recognized as sad, while songs in a major key are happy.

You’re most likely familiar with the kind of music used in horror movies to evoke a particular type of feeling. But suppose you want to be very specific about the tone you’re looking for. This can help you tap into those emotions as quickly as possible.

2. Good Commercial Music Enhances Your Brand’s Image
You may be wondering, “How do I select a song for a commercial?” It should start with being sensitive to the ad’s content so that your music feels supportive rather than jarring.

For instance, an ad for a family product wouldn’t feel right with heavy thrash metal laid over it — unless it was for comedic effect, of course.

Remember, good commercial music works along with your ad’s visuals, not against them. Even in counterpoint, the thought is to feature layers of meaning, not destroy what you have got. And music is critical to planting a sense of your brand in consumers’ minds, with studies showing that music is closely linked to memory.

3. Good Commercial Music Sets the Pace for Your Ad
Most ads are fast-paced, with pulsing tempos and rhythmic beats, however some ads need to create a more relaxing, reflective state of mind. Slower-paced or more meditative ads would possibly feel more appropriate for products like insurance and medication. As in the above counterpoint discussion, slower music may also sometimes work when consumers expect faster-paced music. If you’re operating with a sneaker brand, maybe it’s worth playing with something less urban and more classical, like a slow-paced piano.

Play around and realize a pace that works for your product, adding balance between making your ad zippy but also memorable.

4. Good Commercial Music Adds Production Value
Even if your spot is visually simple, the most effective music for commercial videos adds a sense of richness and grandeur. In simple terms, you can make it seem like you spent some extra money on your campaign than you actually did. If you’re thinking, “That’s fine, but I can’t afford the rights to license high-end music,” you must consider royalty-free music. It’s often of very high quality and produced with the needs of contemporary commercial makers in mind.

So, if you’re wondering, “How to make your own music for ads?” the answer is to go to a high-end royalty-free site and begin exploring so you realize the royalty free background music that lifts your ad to the next level, helping you create great commercials while staying within your budget.

Royalty-free music is even supremely affordable as it’s designed so that you only pay a one-off licensing fee, with no additional later royalties. Thus at the same time small business owner, you can afford to your craft.

5. Good Commercial Music Helps Create a Story

When referring to an ad’s “story,” you could mean an actual plot, but you could also be referring to the message you’re crafting — that product XYZ can facilitate consumers achieve goal ABC. Each part of your ad should be geared to supporting your message and telling your story. Using the same commercial background music across several spots is a good way to tie them into a coherent brand narrative.

With beatoven can find royalty-free music easily. So check out today and help your brand make a real impact on consumers’ ears, hearts, and minds.