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The Power of Podcast Music
When creators are creating a podcast, they’ve in all probability thought long and hard about concerning matter and content, and hopefully have come to a perspective that is uniquely theirs. There is one addition that basically lifts podcasts, however despite the subject matter or genre, there is one addition that really lifts podcasts, and that’s music — the right music, of course.

The right music can make a podcast:
Better paced, more energetic, more emotionally engaging, clearly settled in a every time, place, or genre and more professional

Good music does several things at once, and the effects of music are intertwined. Ideally, right royalty free podcast music will do everything listed above. However, it’s worth considering all these elements separately. Let’s look at the details of each category.

One of the most vital aspects of selecting music for a podcast is deciding what kind of a pace its creators want. For listeners who can simply tire of nonstop dialogue, music provides much-needed variation

Particularly if a podcast involves a lot of information, the simplest podcast music lets listeners reflect on what they’ve been listening to and then move on to the consecutive topic. If it involves totally different segments or a balance of interviews and monologues by a host then music can act to help sandwich those segments together.
Too much transition music and listeners can quickly lose the thread of the show and — worst-case scenario could be stop listening to. Suspense and continued interest are critically vital in pulling listeners through longer podcasts.

The right, brief selection can give a lot of energy and mileage to a podcast, keeping the mood bright while also letting information sink in. Studies show that music can boost dopamine levels, making listeners happier. But dopamine is also associated with focus and concentration. Keeping the energy up could lead to an increased enhanced variety of engaged and responsive listeners.

Two points are relevant here.

1. Shows don’t need a lot of music to keep their energy up.
Sometimes less is more when it involves transition music for podcasts. Transition music acts as a brief, punchy bridge between segments, to let information sink in and provide a breather before the next piece of important information.

Too much music will swamp a show instead support its message and lift its energy levels. If you’re wondering how to make it your own music, the solution usually has to do with the way the music is altered and placed, so that it interacts with spoken content in a fun, energizing manner.

2. Transition music should support, not fight a show’s tone.
It would be ridiculous (or at least highly unusual) for news shows to use heavy metal or punk rock as background music. Most podcast music tends to be fun but unobtrusive. Most podcast music is instrumental and easy but some shows use music with lyrics, particularly in introductions.

When choosing royalty free music, podcast creators should consider their audience and the kind of music that might evoke meaningful associations for them. Energy is closely associated to the next topic.

Clearly Located in a Time, Place, or Genre
Even though each podcast is unique, good music helps situate it simply and clearly in listeners’ minds. As mentioned above, there are typical kinds of music associated with genres like news and current affairs.

“Time” and “place” might initially seem more relevant to the world of fiction than non-fiction, but if a podcast were set in France or Asia, for instance, it could be helpful to use music to set the scene. Similarly, if it were a period piece, or taking a rapid detour into the past, music might be used a cost effective bridge to form that transition work.

Just as every picture is worth a thousand words, every well-chosen bar of music will evoke time, place, and genre.