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Background music for sports videos can be as varied as sports themselves, so it’s not always clear what track you should choose. Having a good understanding of the content, spot, or video that you’re trying to develop will determine your choices when it comes to sound beds, backing tracks, and background music. If your brand needs high-quality music for soundtracking sports content, you’ve come to the right place.

Beatoven. AI is a simplified music creation tool that helps you create music for your videos and podcasts. is India’s first and only AI-backed, new age, a web-based disruptive music tech start-up that provides a platform for music composers and content creators to help them create royalty-free, affordable, easy-to-license, exclusive music. By providing the best quality music library packaged straightforwardly Beatoven aims at helping you save time. We hope you like the royalty-free music library as much as we do. music’s royalty-free, direct license model means you can use tracks from our catalog without fear of copyright claims or license disputes. Read on for all the details, how it works, and where to find the best songs for sports videos.

Follow the below steps to find the perfect music for sports videos is a subscription-based program with three different subscription plans, USD 20/month, USD 40/month, and USD 100/month, catering to individual content creators, agencies, and production houses respectively. Today Beatoven has become a leading platform for royalty-free beats. So. if you are looking for royalty-free vlog music or Royalty-free music for free download, Beatoven is all you need!

2. Open the Beatoven music, and think about what tone your sports video music should have. Depending on if it’s in-house or for a client, you’ll need to adjust that tone and nail the emotion you’re trying to capture. Our music is available to search through different moods, so try searching for specifics. You can select anything from restless to dreamy, angry to romantic.

3. Consider the genres that would make the best music for sports videos. It’s got to fit the tempo of the content and enhance what’s happening on screen, while still being a good song in its own right. Try looking for genres like house, dubstep, future bass, or trap.

A pro tip for finding great sports video music

Use the search function in music, where you can combine different keywords, moods, and genres. The trick is not to use too many keywords. That way, the player will generate more results for you to browse. All you’ve got to do is sign up, pick a plan, and add the channels you’re using to publish content. Then you’re free to use our music for sports videos in your content and your clients’.

Looking for a shortcut?

If you just want to pick and choose the best sports video music from a playlist, we’ve got you covered. Our music experts at Beatoven music have compiled themed playlists for:

*.Yoga & Pilates
*.HIIT Training
*.Dance Workout
These playlists include everything from ambient and techno to Afrobeats and modern Latin. Browse the playlists above, then read on for the best sports video music for your branded content, chosen personally by our music curation team.

The top sports video music for your branded content

The ultimate soundtrack for fitness, mental health, and well-being. Here are four of the best from our top-tier catalog.

1. Pableno’s – I Go Beast
‘Music for sports videos’ is a broad term, but if you need something for a sweat-inducing HIIT video, Pableno’s I Go Beast is hard to top. The drop is almighty, and the ‘I go beast!’ hook will be lodged in your customers’ heads long after hitting the showers.

It’s a high-octane, relentless house track that’ll do the trick for any spinning, running, weight-lifting, or running video content you might have lined up.

2. Mochas – Morning Comes
Mochas’ laid-back, post-rock take on ambient music shines on Morning Comes. Using just a few scant chords that creep through the track’s four-minute duration, Morning Comes is a lo-fi complement for any yoga or pilates content. Soothing, fresh, and mysterious, it’s the perfect music for sports videos with a slower pace.

3. Splasher! – Gods of Jupiter
For content concerning strength training, there can’t be any half-measures. Go hard or go home with Gods of Jupiter by Splasher! – it’s a heavy, drop-oriented dubstep track that’ll leave the bass rumbling in your customers’ muscles.

It starts like a Wild West hoedown and ends like the skies have parted in a Marvel movie. For larger-than-life, blood-pumping music for sports videos, consider Gods of Jupiter.