Top 5 Alternatives to Soundraw for Content Creators in 2024

With the increasing demand for royalty-free music, short filmmakers, social media creators, and game creators like you are always looking for affordable sources. As this demand rises, the need for a tool that simplifies the use of background music without the fear of copyright strikes becomes even more crucial.

Soundraw is a tool that offers royalty-free music with a perpetual license. The platform uses AI to generate royalty-free music based on the chosen length, mood, and genre. The background music generated using Soundraw is high quality and created within seconds.

But there’s a catch!

Despite offering features to customize your AI-generated music, you always end up generating similar-sounding music with Soundraw, which can be frustrating. More so because no free plans are available, and you must spend a minimum of $16 per month to purchase a subscription. And if the outcome isn’t satisfactory, what’s the point?

In this article, we explore 5 Soundraw alternatives that offer royalty-free music that doesn’t sound repetitive.

Why do you need a Soundraw alternative?

Soundraw is a highly user-friendly tool that generates music in just a few clicks. You choose the mood, genre, and length and have a list of music ready. They also give you a customization option for changing the intro length and the chorus position. You also get API to integrate Soundraw into your product.

While delivering a quick music generation experience, some aspects raise user concerns.

  • Similar sounding music- Axel Napolitano writes in Napos Blog about how and why the compositions of Soundraw sound similar
  • The high subscription price for what is delivered and no free plans
  • The customization is difficult to understand as there is no information on what different colors in the customization panel mean
  • These reasons are good enough for content creators to search for an alternative to Soundraw that can offer unique royalty-free music without draining their wallets.
  • Let’s check them out.

    Top 5 Soundraw Alternatives in 2024

    Our recommended Soundraw competitors are –, Loudly, Soundful, Boomy, and Suno AI.

    Here’s a detailed feature breakdown for you: is an AI-based music generator using advanced AI techniques to generate royalty-free music. Create your original background tracks composed by musicians and customize them according to your mood and genre preferences.

    It gives you two easy ways to generate music:

  • Choosing the genre/emotion where music is created based on the options you choose from the list
  • Text-to-music: You write a text prompt explaining the music you want, and it generates high-quality, royalty-free music based on it.
  • Key features

  • Perpetual license for unique royalty-free music: gives you a perpetual license to the music generated, which means no one can claim copyright for the track you generated. The music is created using your choices and advanced music theory and concepts to generate unique music every time.
  • Text-to-music: This brilliant feature captures your emotion through the text you write and generates music accordingly. The more specific the prompt you give, the more precise the music generates. The AI also allows you to create a text prompt to edit.
  • Music customization: gives you unlimited customization for the music generated. You can change the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create your music track. You also get alternative tracks for the prompt to choose from.
  • Section editing: With, you can edit parts of AI-generated music through the zoom-in and zoom-out features. This feature allows you to meticulously edit sections in the music timeline. It also has timeline navigation that allows you to pause, play, and skip forward and backward.

    You can also change the mood or add multiple moods to the same track and change the original composition of the section from the alternative tracks available in the sidebar.

  • Volume and tempo dynamics: Imagine you are working on adding music to your podcast and need to increase the speaker’s volume and reduce the background sound. With, you can do that. It allows you to adjust the volume with volume controls by quickly dragging the control points to the required volume.
  • Feedback tracking: is the only AI music generator that tracks feedback to improve music composition. It lets you leave detailed feedback by creating time stamps on the generated music.
  • Version history: What if you don’t like the changes you have made in the music and want to go back to the track before editing? Well, customarily keeps a version history of all the tracks you generate so that you can go back and forth to choose the track you like the most. This allows you to experiment as much as you want without worrying about losing the best track.
  • Pros

  • A highly user-friendly UI
  • Excellent customization options not available with any other tool
  • This cost-effective and time-saving solution as you generate unique music and skip searching through libraries to find the right fit
  • Eliminates any chances of copyright claims that arise with pre-existing libraries
  • Perpetual license
  • Cons

  • Does not offer any stock music
  • Price

  • Free Trial
  • Subscription: ₹299 per month (₹19.93 per minute) for 15 minutes, ₹599 /month for 30 minutes, and ₹999 /month for 60 minutes of music generation
  • Buy minutes: ₹150 for 1 minute
  • vs Soundraw


    Loudly, one of the alternatives to Soundraw is another AI music generator that offers royalty-free music to match your video. It also provides a vast collection of pre-made music and soundtracks.

    Key features

  • It gives you AI-assisted recommendations based on your video concept
  • Downloadable music stems
  • Customization studio for remixing songs, adjusting energy levels, instruments, and stem
  • Pros

  • Offers AI-generated and stock music both
  • Cons

  • Loaded with bugs
  • Users experienced copyright claims on the music generated
  • The license does not contain any license number to authenticate it
  • Expensive
  • Price

  • Free sign up
  • Personal: $5.99/ month
  • Pro: $14.99/ month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Soundful, one of the Soundraw competitors, is an AI music generator that offers royalty-free music. It provides customization and allows you to choose a genre, customize your input, and create tracks.

    Key features

  • It has a large category of themes and moods to choose from
  • Offers access to stems for further customization
  • Provides a separate vertical for businesses
  • Pros

  • The music quality is good
  • Cons

  • Users report receiving copyright claims on YouTube
  • It requires a few tries to create the right music and often generates similar music
  • A complex and difficult-to-navigate UI
  • Even though it says free sign-up, you need to buy tracks before you can edit the track
  • Poor support services
  • Price

  • Standard: Free
  • Content creator: $59.99/ year
  • Music creator plus: $95.99/ year
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Boomy is an AI song generator focused on artists. It also allows creators to monetize on the music created on Boomy by streaming it on music platforms and earning royalty.

    Key features

  • Offers a lyric generator to write lyrics using simple prompts
  • Unlimited customization
  • Instant sharing capabilities and monetization
  • Pros

  • Generates professional music
  • Supports releasing songs on Spotify
  • Cons

  • Users report not receiving any royalty despite having millions of streams on music platforms
  • Users also report receiving no credit for the compositions even when they used their own lyrics
  • No priority support for premium member
  • Complex and cluttered UI
  • Price

  • Free
  • Creator: $9.99/ month
  • Pro: $29: 99/ month
  • Suno AI

    Suno AI is a music creation tool that helps generate royalty-free songs effortlessly based on who you want to create the music for, the occasion, mood, genre, and more.

    Key Features

  • Create music with text prompts and create music playlists
  • Use AI to add lyrics or write your own
  • Music streaming under the Pro and Premier subscription plan
  • Pros

  • Great for creating full-length original songs with lyrics
  • Cons

  • Free plan does not offer much to creators in terms of monetization and credit
  • No help guides for users to create a song
  • No contact details for reaching out to customer support
  • Price

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $8/ month
  • Premier Plan: $24/ month
  • Conclusion

    Royalty-free music has become a basic need for content creators, gamers, videographers, social media content creators, and anyone who puts anything on the internet. While Soundraw is good, it has its limitations.

    These Soundraw alternatives offer valuable options for creating unique music using AI. To start testing your music generation skills with AI, take a free trial of and explore its fantastic customization options to create royalty-free, unique music.

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