Top 3 Alternatives to Loudly for Content Creators in 2024

Content creators need original music. Be it short films, games, shorts, reels, or any type of content that matters, music connects the characters with the stories. If you use the same old music your audiences are already familiar with, they will likely scroll through your content.

But how do content creators generate original music every time? Even stock libraries like YouTube Audio Library have limited background music in their stores.

This is when content creators rely on AI music generators like Loudly. Loudly generates royalty-free, original music for content creators. But despite offering original background music with personalization options, users often complain about the technical issues associated with this tool. Frequent bugs force many content creators to look for Loudly alternatives.

If you are also here to search for Loudly competitors, here is a detailed list to help you.

Why do you need a Loudly alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative to Loudly, you are probably unhappy with any one or more of the following features:

  • Loudly doesn’t offer instrument-based customization to the music you generate
  • The level of originality of the background tracks is often limited because Loudly doesn’t work with composers
  • If you switch to a paid plan of Loudly, it forces you to opt for an annual subscription, which is often too costly for budding creators
  • Above all, it is always a good idea to search for a Loudly alternative that addresses the above challenges with many more additional features.

    1. is an AI music generation platform for content creators. provides royalty-free music to content creators and works with musicians and artists to ensure the newly generated music is 100% unique.

    Top Features

    Royalty-free music license provides a perpetual royalty-free music license for each music you generate through this platform. Therefore, content creators can be assured that they will not experience copyright claims or pay royalty fees each time the music is played online.

    Advanced customization

    Beatoven is the only name on this list of Loudly competitors, offering unique music in collaboration with artists. But that’s not all. Beatoven’s advanced customization features include:

  • Beatoven allows content creators to remove a particular instrument from a background score if they don’t need it
  • Once you generate the background score, you have the option to customize it according to your desired emotion or mood. With the simple drag-and-drop feature, mood-based editing becomes extra simple, and there are 16 moods to choose from. Additionally, you have the option to restore the previous mood.
  • After generating music using Beatoven’s AI generator, you have the option to customize it further with genre-based editing. With Beatoven, you can choose from up to nine different genres, including pop, rock, Indian, cinematic, etc., to personalize your music according to the vibe of the content.
  • Text-to-music
    With’s Text-to-music feature, a creator generates background scores based on text prompts. Just insert your prompt, make it as specific as possible, allow Beatoven a few seconds to analyze it, and finally generate the soundtrack of your choice. Customize it further to make it relatable to your content.

    Feedback tracking

    Please leave feedback for each background music you generate using With detailed feedback, Beatoven’s AI music generator evolves further. A timestamp-based feedback tracking option allows creators to provide in-depth feedback for different parts of the background score.


  • Advanced and unique music generation in collaboration with top artists
  • A high level of customization available in the free plan
  • Applicable for agencies, Youtubers, podcast creators, audiobook creators, game developers, and Web3 companies
  • Cons

  • Does not offer any stock music
  • Pricing vs. Loudly

    2. Mubert

    Mubert is an AI music generator that produces unique background music for your content by merging samples composed by human artists with artificial intelligence. To get started, you can either download Mubert for free or opt for its free plan.

    Top Features

  • Mood-based music editing
  • Mubert Studio is an excellent place for aspiring musicians to contribute their samples
  • Royalty-free music that comes with a time-limited license
  • Pros

  • High-quality music at an affordable price
  • Simple interface for content creators to navigate easily
  • Cons

  • Mubert’s music lacks the complexity and nuances of traditional music
  • The Business plan with the highest features is costly, with the subscription charges of $199/month
  • Pricing

    3. Soundraw

    The next Loudly alternative on our list is Soundraw. This AI music generator offers mood and genre-based editing to create soulful music for your content.

    Top Features

  • Forever royalty-free license for creators with no copyright strikes
  • Unlimited music generation for your content
  • Pros

  • Clean and simple user interface where you don’t need to perform music composition
  • Cons

  • No free plan is available
  • Pricing


    Now that you know about the top three Loudly competitors, it is time to explore these tools’ free plans or trials before you find the most suitable one.

    Start with, which is at the top of our list because of its advanced, unique, royalty-free background tracks and detailed customization features.

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