The API that solves your music needs

Get instant access to customisable music within your software.

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Our API Is Best For


Make An Impact With Your Videos

Deliver an engaging auditory experience to your audience. Never run out of options in genres and moods in music for your video projects.


Fine-Tune Your Podcasting Experience

Effortlessly discover and create the perfect soundtrack to accompany your episodes. Our robust engine ensures that your podcasts sound polished and engaging, captivating a diverse audience.


Fuel Your Game Development

Music composition that seamlessly integrates into your game development workflow. Create immersive soundscapes, level soundtracks, and character themes that resonate with a wide range of players.

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You can view our documentation and book a demo with our team.

What Our API Can Do


User Inputs For Creative Control

Simply provide a few input parameters of genre, tempo, and emotion. Unlock possibilities for expressing with high-quality, royalty-free music.

Lightning-Fast Music Options

Our API is designed to provide near-instant music generation inside your software. Maintain a swift creative flow for your users without any interruptions.


Hassle-Free Music Licensing

With our API, you gain access to use music without any legal barriers. Preserve your focus on creating remarkable content without licensing and sourcing woes.

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The API that solves your music needs

Get instant access to our music engine. With, your users can enjoy a hassle-free audio experience like never before.

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Unique music

Our AI combines advanced music theory and production concepts to deliver unique music.

Unlimited Customization

Customize the length, genre, mood and instruments to create your music tracks.

Streamlined Output

Production-ready music with industry standard mixing and mastering.

Create unique royalty-free music that fits your story with We use advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast.

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