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A royalty is a fee you pay once for the right to use a song in your broadcast. It’s also called a sync license. When producers want to add songs to commercials, TV shows, movies, or YouTube videos, they need a sync license. The license allows you, as a content creator, to “sync” the music to your video content. If the song is copyrighted and you don’t pay a royalty or get a sync license, you cannot play it on your live stream. When you pay a royalty fee to purchase a song on your live stream, the original creator can place restrictions on its use. Some artists will also allow you to use their songs for free, but they may still limit how you can use them or require you to credit them.

One lesson that none of us want to learn the hard way is that not all music is stream-friendly. At the end of the day, even a small licensing misstep could lead to DMCA notices, copyright strikes, and even a complete channel shutdown. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube Live, or some other platform, the only way to truly protect yourself and your stream against copyright strikes is to rely on music licensing resource that has your back.

Not only is the music Beatoven.ai safe for streaming, but we also have a Twitch extension that makes streaming with music even easier. And we provide YouTube video clearance if that’s your preferred streaming channel.

Beatoven. AI is a simplified music creation tool that helps you create music for your videos and podcasts. Beatoven.ai is India’s first and only AI-backed, new age, a web-based disruptive music tech start-up that provides a platform for music composers and content creators to help them create royalty-free, affordable, easy-to-license, exclusive music. By providing the best quality music library packaged straightforwardly Beatoven aims at helping you save time. We hope you like the royalty-free music library as much as we do.

Beatoven.ai is a subscription-based program with three different subscription plans, USD 20/month, USD 40/month, and USD 100/month, catering to individual content creators, agencies, and production houses respectively. Today Beatoven has become a leading platform for royalty-free beats. So. if you are looking for royalty-free vlog music or Royalty-free music for free download, Beatoven is all you need!

To give you a better idea of what awaits you with Beatoven music, we’ve put together a roundup of the newest and most trending royalty-free songs. There’s something for everyone here across a ton of different genres so keep reading and happy streaming!

Live stream playlist

As convenient as it would be, you can’t just play your favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlist in the background of a live stream and call it a day. At least, you can’t legally do that. Every streaming platform has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to music. For example, here’s a full breakdown of Twitch’s music rules. So if you’re not producing your own music, you’ll need to outsource music in a way that abides by each platform’s rules.

One of the main perks of using Soundstripe’s royalty-free music for streaming is that you won’t ever be responsible for making royalty payments When you license a song, it’s yours to use in any and all of your live streams for as long as you’re subscribed to Beatoven music. Since we have thousands of songs to choose from, no two streams will ever have to sound the same again.

A few websites out there that provide royalty-free stock music, you can download your preferred music tracks for free or at a one-time cost and use them in your videos for commercial purposes.

List of best royalty-free music sites

1. Premium Beat
2. Artist
3. Audio Jungle
4. Bensound
5. Filmstro
6. Purple Planet
7. YouTube Music Library
8. StoryBlocks Audio
9. Free Stock Music
10. Epidemic Sound
11. Soundstripe
12. Josh Woodward

Music tracks and sound effects can be searchable and filtered based on genre, instrument, mood, duration, and attribution. Youtube has its own free repository of high-quality music tracks and sound effects. Even if you understand how copyrights work, you still must follow the rules of the platform you’re streaming on when you use music that isn’t yours. Some platforms have their own audio libraries that let you choose songs or create your own, royalty-free. If you choose a song from one of these audio libraries, always confirm that it’s really okay to use. If it’s not and you play it anyway, the copyright claim comes back on you, not the platform.