Meet Cameron Cam Robertson – Enhancing Creativity with

Cameron Cam Robertson, a digital marketing professional hailing from Reading, UK, has been tinkering with content creation using AI. With a diverse background encompassing copywriting, video editing, social media management, website management, user journeys, and content creation, Cameron’s creative prowess knows no bounds.

Projects and Passion

In his spare time, Cameron has embarked on two exciting projects that have allowed him to fully harness the potential of AI tools. His personal blog,, initially focused on digital content but evolved into something even more captivating.

One of Cameron’s projects, involving short videos posted on TikTok on the theme Zen Ideas required captivating and copyright-free music. The quest for the perfect soundtrack led him to In the past, he had dabbled with digital audio workstations (DAWs) to create music, a time-consuming endeavour compared to’s lightning-fast generation of unique, copyright-free music.

His second project, called Bitcoin Uptake, revolves around the realm of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin adoption in the UK. To share his research and findings, he ventured into the world of YouTube and began crafting engaging video content. While visuals were designed using, provided the essential audio elements for an immersive viewing experience.

Journey with

Cameron’s association with has been a productive one, spanning approximately six to seven months. The decision to choose over stock music libraries was driven by the desire for unique, AI-generated music that could align thematically with his other AI-driven creative endeavours.

Embracing the Power of AI Creativity:
Cameron has found several compelling aspects of Beatoven AI that keep him coming back for more:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Beatoven AI impresses with its lightning-fast track generation, providing a seamless workflow.
  • A Balance of Predictability and Surprise: The AI’s ability to generate tracks that sometimes align closely with Cameron’s vision and, at other times, introduce an element of pleasant surprise has been instrumental in his creative process
  • The Creative Process

    Cameron’s toolkit is filled with Adobe Premiere Pro, which serves as the central platform for his creative projects. His process often begins with finding a suitable tool to translate his vision into reality. For digital art, Adobe Illustrator and vector manipulation were key components. His YouTube content generation involves scriptwriting, animation planning, and audio creation, with Beatoven AI seamlessly delivering thematic and high-quality music.

    AI and Creativity

    When asked about the role of AI in the creative world, Cameron emphasises the need to embrace AI as a collaborator rather than a competitor. He firmly believes that AI can never replace the human touch and creativity. People will always require that unique human perspective to create truly remarkable content.

    Life Beyond Creativity

    In his free time, Cameron enjoys journaling and engaging in strategic board games. These activities provide him with the mental relaxation needed to fuel his creative pursuits.

    Words of Wisdom for Fellow Creators

    Cameron’s journey in the creative world has been defined by one central principle: persistence. He started his blog in 2015, and eight years later, it continues to thrive. His advice to fellow creators is simple yet profound: never give up. Overcoming creative blocks and hurdles is possible with a shift in perspective and unwavering consistency. The mantra he lives by is, “It’s not about things happening to you but happening for you.”

    Cameron Cam Robertson’s story is a testament to the synergy between human creativity and AI-driven tools. In a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent, Cameron’s journey showcases the incredible possibilities that open up when we collaborate with AI to enhance our creative endeavours.

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