Music Copyright Guide for Indian Musicians | Beatoven

Music Copyright Guide for Indian Musicians

How to Copyright your Music and Compositions as an Artist? Protecting your music and compositions from getting stolen is extremely important to maintain your rights over your creation. This keeps others from using your art in their name. As such acts are common in the music industry, all musicians and … Read More

How to tell a story with music? | Beatoven

How to tell a story with music

Silent movies are a relic of the past. Today, no movie is complete without accompanying music. The music of a movie would itself be divided into two categories: Film score: Score consists of original music that is written for a movie by specially skilled film composers. The main purpose of … Read More

The Psychology of Music | Beatoven

psychology of music

Music has been known to affect a person’s psychology in many ways and there have been various researches done by expert researchers over the years to understand the psychology of music. These researchers mainly focused on studying the effects of certain sounds and tunes on the human brain and how … Read More

How do Royalties Work for Music? | Beatoven

How do Royalties Work for Music

You must have heard the words “music royalties” very often through various mediums like television, music shows, newspapers or some online platforms, especially if you are a music follower, lover or a budding music artist yourself. If you are someone who likes to create music but are new to the … Read More

What are free sound effects? | Beatoven

What are free sound effects

Whether you are watching a movie or listening to your favourite song you can notice that there are some sound effects added to enhance the overall feel of the content which somehow makes it more interesting and makes you connect with it on another level. This is why sound effects … Read More