Create unique background music that you can call your own

An intuitive AI music generator that lets you
create and customize tracks to your needs


1million+ creators generated
over 1.5million tracks.

Royalty-free music as per your needs, it’s a win for all filmmakers!
Sumanth Suvrna
Content Creator
YouTube is the no.1 AI music generator for me as it blends seamlessly with my combined AI and VR art which i use for my art experiences
AI Art
The clean and easy UI makes sure that the given choices are not overwhelming.
Ashley pacini
As a creator, I often know exactly what I need the music to be like before generating it. allowed me to generate music that perfectly aligned with my creative vision.
Semir Poturak
Game Designer
Game Design
Text to Music

Text to Music

Type an idea for the music you are searching for, click “Compose Track” and generate unique background music.



Use prompt-based customization features to bridge the gap between your creative vision and the output. Make the music truly yours!



Download stems in MP3 or WAV formats. Pay per track or subscribe for more music at a reduced cost. Get music your way!



A license that lets you monetise your content will be delivered directly to your inbox with every download. Secure your creative work and enjoy peace of mind.

Featured on is a
fairly trained
AI provider.

Musicians receive equitable compensation when they contribute their music to This certification affirms our commitment to respect the rights of musicians for training the model.


We've got the answers for your questions

Where can I use the music generated on

You can use the AI music generator to generate music for

Video content (YouTube), Podcasts, Games, Short films/Trailers, AI Art, Social Media, Audiobooks, Advertisements, Livestreams can be used for all your background music requirements across platforms.

Do I own the rights to the track I downloaded from

You get a non-exclusive perpetual licence for the generated and downloaded track. This licence gives you the rights to use the music for your video or audio content (podcast, talk show, audiobook) and monetise the content worry free. 

However, will still be the owners of the tracks generated and downloaded from the ai music creator. 

Will I get a copyright claim for using music from

Ideally, you should not get a copyright claim for using music created with However, in an unlikely scenario where you do get a claim on Youtube, report it to youtube using the track ID shared in the license. Also, fill this form and we will get the issue resolved for you.

Can I upload the music from on Spotify?

No. We do not allow distribution of music created with on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, etc.

Can this tool support if I have a voiceover in my video?

Yes,’s music generator has volume control that lets you control the volume based on the voiceovers in the content. 

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