When AI Meets Music : A Conversation with Sandhya Surendran of Lex Talk Music

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the music industry, the advent of artificial intelligence has brought forth both excitement and concern. The latest episode of Lex Talk Music delves into this fascinating realm, featuring a captivating conversation with Mansoor Rahimat Khan, CEO and co-founder of Beatoven.ai.

Mansoor, a seventh-generation sitar player and a prominent figure in the music world, offered a look into the intersection of AI and music production. Recognized as one of Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 in 2023, Mansoor shared his perspectives on the ethical implications of AI, the journey of Beatoven, and the transformative potential of AI technology in the creative community.

This episode was shot with Lex Talk Music, a podcast dedicated to anyone interested in the music industry, whether they are an artist, songwriter, artist manager, or any other industry stakeholder. It focuses on fostering conversations within the community and breaking down complex legal and business concepts related to the music industry. It is hosted by Sandhya Surendran, a reputed lawyer specializing in the technology, media, and entertainment sectors. She actively promotes awareness of intellectual property laws among creative professionals and assists businesses with their commercial legal requirements.