Things to know Podcast Intros | Beatoven

  1. How Important Is A Good Podcast Intro?

A great podcast intro should show new listeners who you are, what your podcast is about, and why they should listen. But, at the same time, it has to be interactive and engaging with your existing audience. 

Studies have shown that podcasts loose approximately twenty to thirty five percent of listeners within the initial five minutes, that is way on top of the dropoff rate for the entire rest of the episode. If you’re not hooking your listeners in the initial five minutes, they’re not going to continue listening.

The best podcast intros are distinctive to every episode and include a teaser of content from later in the show to hook listeners. Another good way to hook listeners is by beginning your intro with an issue or a question that your audience needs to understand the solution to. They’ll keep themselves attentive to find out what  you’ve complied to say.

  1. How long should podcast intro music be?

You should think your podcast introduction as fast as intro of a commercial. Attention span of a contemporary listener is notoriously short. Facebook recommends that the ads should not exceed 6 seconds, whereas the intro of a podcast wouldn’t make much sense if kept that short. To sum up the message here is that if the podcast intro is too long then the protential listener will lose interest and move onto the next one.

  1. What Music To Use For Your Podcast Intro

Not all podcast intros embrace music, however having a excellent track or sound effects that are consistent with your podcast’s temperament is a great way to hook listeners and set the tone for what’s to come back.

Remember your music or sound effects aren’t overshadowing your instead they ought to complement your podcast to keep listeners engaged.

Make sure your added sound:

  •     The royalty free music and royalty free sound effects you use should keep identical tone. Ensure whether the music chosen sets the mood and fits your whole.
  •     Memorable jingles are a great way to stay in your listener’s head! It is terribly impacting if you utilise a song, better use the middle of a track, rather than the slow build-up in the start.
  •     The royalty free sound effects used should not be too loud. Edit it consequently as the listeners can hear your words. This does not distract from what you’re saying.
  1. Can I use any song for my podcast intro?

 Speaking generally, no. Unless you get the explicit permission from the copyright owner either the artist or the recording label or license music from a specialized royalty music library, you can’t use it.

Although the music video creators no plans to monetise and have very little audience  and even if they are hobby podcasts keep in mind that copyright law applies to everybody.

  1. Having unrealistic expectations

Podcasting isn’t a quick-rich scheme. If you’re genuinely passionate about your topic and really need to assist individuals, podcasting is an awesome platform.  You need grit and staying power to make it work. 

  1. Where To search out  Music For Your Podcast Intro

The main factor to bear in mind when looking for music for your podcast intro is that it’s royalty free music and copyright-free music. You don’t want to risk any legal battles for victimisation of someone else’s music! One in all the popular platforms to search for royalty-free or creative commons license music for your podcast intro is Beatoven. If you’re beginning your podcast on a budget it’s worthwhile. Loaded with a wide range of genres, you will find everything you might be looking for, from rock to instrumental. Overall, Beatoven music has one of the best music libraries for video editing!