How to Write a Brand Video Script in 7 Easy Steps | Beatoven

There’s no denying the power of video – both in a commercial and marketing sense. According to published data, 78% of us watch videos online weekly while 55% do it daily. Projections indicate that video content will create 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 given that 92% of users share videos with others.

Whether you’re a college student who likes to dabble in indie filmmaking or who wants to try your hand at video advertisement, you should start right away. You will have to learn how to outline and write video scripts properly so as to make the most out of it.

Let’s take a look at how to write brand video scripts in a few simple steps and make the most out of your creative aspirations.

1. Start with your Brand Video Goals

Emphasizing on brand video scripts since video advertisement is a very accessible field filled with career development opportunities. These can be anything from short 30-second ads to long-form interviews or even tutorials on ways to use certain items in different scenarios.

Brand videos need to have clear goals that will serve as guidelines for the scriptwriting process. Who are the target audience and what call to action do you have for them? What is the purpose of the video? Is the video focused on a limited-time sale/offer, or can it be repurposed later on? Answer to these questions before writing your script and the subsequent video strategy you create will be more effective.

2. Outline the Video Script

Writing your brand video script will be much easier if you begin with an overview of what you are about to write. Outlining a video is somewhat different from outlining a written article or report due to visuals and audio present in later production.

That being said, you can still use the standard introduction/body/conclusion structure and describe the visuals you want to create for each scene. You can add royalty free music later in post-production depending on the mood and message you are trying to convey.

Pairing your script with adequate royalty free music and royalty free sound effects can elevate the ultimate product, so keep that in mind while outlining your script.

3. Speak Directly to your Audience

When it involves writing your video script, you should adopt the tone of voice and writing style appropriate to your target audience. If you wish to speak to online customers, you should pay attention to the sales pitch and value proposition of whatever you are promoting.

Similarly, if you’re talking about a company, its goals, and its portfolio, you should be descriptive and use motivational wording in relation to the brand. Most significantly, be sure to use personal pronouns and address your viewer directly for them to engage as much as possible. It will make your brand video one-sided if you do so and disassociate from whoever is supposed to watch and act on it.

4. Adopt a Storytelling Writing Approach

Using anecdotes, stories and numerous scenarios to bring particular topics and terms closer to your target audience is always a good idea. Being a storyteller is a quality that requires practice and dedication, so start working on it from now?

You can begin by inserting a sense of personality and character into your video script. This will humanize the brand that you’re promoting in various ways.

You should consult your client or coworkers to consider filming themselves speaking the lines you are writing instead of using animation or stock footage. Similarly, you will be able to write video scripts that are interconnected by theme, content, or serve as multi-part series with excellent cohesion.

Choose to be a storyteller instead of one-shot video scriptwriter and your videos will find more favorable responses from their audience!

5. What’s your Takeaway?

The point you are trying to urge should be at the center of your video’s script. Calls-to-action (CTA) are as old as marketing itself, however they have stuck around for a decent reason. Be sure to keep your CTA in mind throughout the writing process to carefully nudge the viewer into a particular action.

Stating that they should buy a product or call you immediately outright won’t do you any good. Concentrate the value of what you are promoting, how it helped others, and how it can help the viewer today.

6. Be Mindful of your Script’s Length

The length of your video script is dictated by the publishing platform you will use. It’s best to consult your client on what their plans are for the video before you settle for the ultimate form of your script. Social media platforms inherently favor short 30-second clips whereas YouTube ads should be even shorter.

However, if your client plans to publish videos on their YouTube channel, website, or blog, you will not be so limited in length. Once you’re done writing, you should go over your script and try to identify unnecessary sentences. Try not to say much as your video script should be ready for final revisions.

7. Organize Script Reading Sessions

You should have minimum one script reading before the brand video enters full production to avoid unnecessary complications in post-production. Script reading sessions are useful since they’ll give you a very clear idea of the script’s actual length, flow, and content.

Try to collaborate with those who will actually be casted or voice the videos to get their feedback on how legible the script is. Read the script aloud several times and check out different tones of voice to pinpoint the proper direction for your brand video. Use the opportunity to edit and reformat.

Growing as a Brand Scriptwriter (Conclusion)

Your first brand video scripts will surely be less than perfect – and that’s fine. What actually matters is to start writing down video ideas sooner rather than later.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that a lot of marketing agencies have already specialized in video content for decades – you have to start somewhere. Take the steps and advice we’ve covered into consideration and make sure to always use royalty free sound effects, royalty free background music and royalty free music in your brand videos. Original ideas, fresh perspective, and honesty will always succeed high budget attempts at brand video content – show the world what you can do through writing.