Best Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects for Podcasts and Videos 2022 | Beatoven

As we are starting a new year, you would also want to search for new music for 2022 along with new videos and podcasts to stream. Podcasts have become quite popular and are proving to be another creative way for creators to connect with their audience other than videos. If you also want to enter this competitive world and create your own podcast or video, one of the most important factors that you need to consider while doing so is to add the right background music to your videos and podcasts in order to make them more enjoyable for your audience.

How Can Podcasts stand Out with Sound effects?

Although not every podcast necessarily needs sound effects as you wouldn’t want your listeners to be distracted from the actual interview, it is still a great way to make your podcast interesting and engaging if you use them smartly. If you are a podcast listener, you must have noticed that many successful podcasts have sound effects that have been skillfully mixed with the overall audio in a way that they help to spice up the podcast without becoming too overpowering and distracting the listeners.

When adding sound effects to your podcasts, you can use them in three ways—as transitions, to paint a picture and to emphasize a point. When used as transitions, these sound effects will act as transitional pieces between different conversation points and keep the audience from being confused by the sudden jump cut between a conversation. If you are telling a story in your podcast, adding sound effects that suit the setting of the story will help paint the right picture to the audience, for example, when telling a story about a beach, adding wave sounds, wind sounds that are suitable for this particular setting will make your podcast more engaging. Even though you don’t need to use sound effects when people in your podcast are talking, adding sound effects when someone makes an important point just as a way of emphasizing this point will definitely make your podcast stand out. 

How Royalty Free Music helps for Podcasts and Videos in 2022?

There shouldn’t be a need to say in the year 2022 that content creation is one of the most popular and trending career options among young and vibrant people who possess a talent for it. Creating podcasts and videos to showcase their talent and create a wider audience base is what the content creators make a living from. As we discussed above, both podcasts and videos need the right music and sound effects to stand out from the million other podcasts and videos. This music used is mostly royalty free music as it is the most preferred choice. This is because you can get this music from many websites for free without having to pay royalties to a bunch of owners of the music piece. Royalty free music also keeps your videos and podcasts from getting taken down and landing into any legal troubles which may happen if you use copyrighted music without permission.

Where and how to add Free Music to Your Podcasts and Videos?

Now that we know that Sound effects for podcasts and sound effects for videos are essential to add to make them stand out and attract more audience, you should know that it is also important to know where to find the music and how to add it to your videos and podcasts. There are many websites that feature royalty free music and sound effects which you can choose from. One of the websites that feature the best royalty free music is Beatoven music AI which is an AI based music creator tool that has an innovative and customisable panel that lets you choose the suitable sound effects and free music to better suit the mood and feel of your videos. Once you choose the sound effect you find suitable, the website’s easy and user-friendly interface allows you to comfortably add your video, put the chosen sound and edit it to fit your podcast and videos.