Top 3 Soundful Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

Imagine this: you create a fantastic video, and now it’s time to add the background music. You spend countless hours searching for an apt background score that compliments your content and is not already used by other creators 100,000 times.

But you don’t have any luck, and you post the content anyway because you have a dedicated audience online waiting for it. The following day, you receive an email claiming the copyright of the music piece you used.

You are forced to take it down. All that effort, wasted!

Next time, instead of choosing stock music, use an AI music generator, like Soundful, to generate background music for your content. It generates royalty-free background scores that are customizable according to mood and tempo.

But if you already use Soundful and feel that the tracks sound similar and uniqueness has taken a backseat, you must explore the Soundful alternatives.

Why do you need a Soundful Alternative?

Even though Soundful offers extremely high-quality music, the issue lies in its limited customization capabilities and difficulty generating the right music.

Besides these, users also complain on Trustpilot about:

  • Frequent copyright strikes
  • Extremely poor customer support
  • Similar-sounding music with zero creativity
  • No cancellation support
  • To avoid the above-mentioned issues, you need a tool that creates unique, royalty-free music every time. That’s exactly why you need to know about Soundful’s competitors.

    Top 3 Soundful Alternatives for Content Creators in 2024

    Before explaining the alternatives to Soundful in detail, check this comparison at a quick glance: is an AI music generator that uses advanced music generation techniques to compose mood-based, 100% royalty-free, unique music. It is ideal for content creators, YouTubers, gamers, movie makers, and podcast creators and is one of the best Soundful alternatives.

    You can create unique music every time for all your content, whether it is an audiobook, metaverse games, for your production, or your social media. also collaborates with top artists and combines their expertise with AI to generate high-quality, unique music.

    Top Features

    Perpetual license for royalty-free music generates unique music every time, giving you a perpetual license to use the music. This means no copyright claims or royalty fees when you use the music for your content.

    Customization features
    With, you can make unlimited customizations. It gives you some brilliant customization options like:

  • The Select and Recompose feature lets you select a section of the generated music and recompose it by choosing the instrument you want to recompose
  • The Create Emotion feature allows you to choose emotions for a section. You can also add different emotions to the same track by choosing sections and adjusting the emotions by simply dragging the scroll on the track bar
  • The volume and tempo adjustment feature allows you to adjust the track’s volume as it plays. Just drag the control points and adjust the volume as needed. This is a handy feature for making sound adjustments for podcasts, audiobooks, or other content
  • Besides giving you options to choose the instruments, genre, and tempo, also gives you alternative track options to choose a different track for the same prompt
  • Text-to-music
    To generate the perfect music, offers a text-to-music option. In this option, you can prompt the AI music generator by writing specific details about the piece you seek. The more detailed you give, the more precise the music it generates. The AI tool also assists you in writing the prompt.
  • Version History saves all your track history. This feature allows you to return to any music you generated or edited. You can go back and forth in tracks, edit them further, and choose the best you like.

  • Feedback tracking takes feedback very seriously and tracks it to improve music generation. It gives you options to leave detailed feedback on the tracks generated using timestamps for precision.
  • Explore more features of


  • Customization options, even in the free plan
  • Unique royalty-free music every time using advanced music techniques combined with AI
  • User-friendly platform, even for non-technical content generators
  • Cons

  • No stock music option
  • Pricing

    Soundful vs

    Epidemic Sound

    Epidemic Sound is a royalty-free music library offering a wide range of music and sound effects for different categories and channels. Its library is segmented to suit different types of content and platforms, such as YouTube, advertising, documentaries, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

    Top Features

  • Generates music suggestions based on your video content
  • Offers Adobe Premier Pro plugin to get music tracks right within your editing tool
  • Option to search for similar tones and soundtracks based on specific parts
  • Pro

  • Great music catalog
  • Multiple search parameters like length, genre, instrument
  • Option to download the entire track or just part of it
  • Cons

  • Copyright strikes after subscription ends
  • It is expensive compared to other platforms
  • Downloading takes a long time
  • Pricing

    Looking for an Epidemic Sound alternative? Read more!


    Soundraw is another alternative to Soundful. It generates royalty-free AI music by choosing genre, length, mood, and emotions. The tool also allows you to preview your video and music combination.

    Top Features

  • Perpetual license for music use
  • There is a vast range of music genres to choose from
  • Simple five options to generate music
  • Pros

  • Good sound quality
  • Ability to create music based on length requirement
  • Cons

  • Similar sounding music
  • Poor customer support services
  • Customization options are difficult to understand
  • Pricing


    Finding the right music requires effort. Could you reduce that effort and channel it into making a piece of music that is uniquely yours?


    With AI music generators, this dreamlike possibility becomes a reality. And when you use tools like, the possibilities are umpteen. You get production-ready music with industry-standard mixing and a guarantee of uniqueness.

    Don’t believe us?

    Try for free to explore how you can generate royalty-free music and customize it to your liking.

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