How to make Focus Music on

What is Focus Music?

Focus music, also known as concentration music or study music, is a genre of music specifically designed to help individuals concentrate, enhance productivity, and maintain focus on their tasks. It typically consists of instrumental music, which means it lacks lyrics, vocals, or any distracting elements that might divert the listener’s attention.

Focus music typically features calming and repetitive melodies with steady tempos and rhythms. This creates an auditory environment that aids in activities requiring high cognitive focus, such as studying, working, reading, or other concentration-demanding tasks.

How to create Focus Music?

If you are not a musician but still want to create focus music for yourself or for others, you can do it in just a few steps with

In this example, we will show you how to create Focus music with Ambient genre.
To do this, sign-in and click on “New track

  • Time duration & Tempo:
    In this example, we have chosen to create a 2 minutes track with a slow tempo.
    For Focus Music, we recommend that you go with slow tempo with a duration of over 10 minutes to keep the rhythm soothing and consistent.

    Screenshot of 'Create new track'

  • Genre:
    We recommend that you choose Ambient for focus music. Any other genre might not work for focus music.
    Screen shot of Genre screen

  • Emotion:
    For Focus Music we recommend that you choose either ‘Calm’ or ‘Relaxing’ emotion. For this example we have chosen ‘Relaxing’ emotion.
    Screenshot of Choose emotion screen

  • Your Focus Music is ready:
    Your track is ready. That’s it. It is that simple. You can choose from the Alternate tracks to choose the best track for you.
    Screenshot of Beatoven's track timeline

  • Your Music Licence:
    You will get a license in your mail that allows you to use the music on youtube to share it with others. You can even choose to monetise these videos you put up without worrying about royalties. However, you are not allowed to distribute the music on Spotify or any other such DSPs

  • Here is the Focus track that we baked in this example: